Raila Odinga’s Close Allies Tested for COVID-19 Following his Isolation

Raila Odinga And BBI

Close family members of ODM leader Raila Odinga have tested negative for Covid-19.

His family members and employees at his Karen home including house-helps, drivers and bodyguards went to get tested after Odinga was diagnosed with the virus on Thursday, March 11.

“All those close to Raila, including family members, took a test and they have all tested negative,” the former Prime Minister’s Communications Director Dennis Onyango stated.


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Further, he noted that the former Prime Minister was responding well to treatment.

“He is okay and stable. He is likely to stay a few days longer in hospital depending on what his doctor advises. All his family have tested negative; the family was not around when he arrived from the Coast,” Onyango added.

On his part, the ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale announced that he had tested positive for the disease.


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Etale broke the news on his social media platforms where he also made a prayer for both himself and Odinga.

“I remain strong, determined and in high spirits. By His stripes, I will triumph. I will be healed. Please pray for me dear friends. In God I Trust,” he requested.

Raila was admitted to the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday, March 9 after complaining of body ache and fatigue.


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His doctor, David Oluoch Olunya, on Thursday, March 11, confirmed that Odinga was suffering from SARS-2 COVID19.

“He is responding well to the treatment at the Nairobi Hospital and remains upbeat. We are continuing to monitor his progress,” Dr. Oluoch said.

Odinga assured his followers that he was in good shape and would undertake mandatory quarantine.



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