Raphael Tuju Warns Jubilee Party MCAs Over Waiguru Impeachment Motion

Waiguru Impeachment Portion

All elected and nominated Jubilee Party members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly have been warned against participating in a motion meant to impeach Governor Anne Waiguru.

Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju directed the MCAs to toe the ruling party’s line. They should not be associated with a motion that may kick Ms Waiguru out of office, he warned.

In a letter addressed to the majority chief whip in the assembly, Mr Tuju said it had come to the attention of the ruling party that there existed a ploy to impeach Ms Waiguru.

“Jubilee takes great exception in this scheme that is only meant to derail the party’s agenda in the county. The matter is even more concerning considering the entire country is in the middle of combating the Covid-19 pandemic,” he stated.

Mr Tuju (right) reminded the MCAs that Governor Anne Waiguru’s leadership should be fighting the scourge and any politicking such as the one by some ward representatives is a diversion the party does not accept.

He told the MCAs that all internal party resolution of disputes must be exhausted before such a motion is brought to the assembly, which is controlled by Jubilee.

Mr Tuju asked the Jubilee lawmakers to comply with his warning without fail.

On Wednesday, Mutira MCA Kinyua Wangui filed the impeachment motion accusing Ms Waiguru of grossly violating the Constitution and undermining the authority of the assembly.

Thirty MCAS out of thirty-three signed the motion, according to Mr Wangui.
Majority Leader Kamau Murango has also been fired by Tuju for allegedly undermining Governor Anne Waiguru.

However, some MCAS lashed out at Mr Tuju saying he has no powers to sack Mr Murango.



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