Reasons Why Abortion Is Risky.


I was walking with a girl friend of mine, Lydia across campus the other day and then a lady passed by us. She was also a student but she stood out. She was pregnant. Lydia looked at her with disgust and then whispered into my ears

“Oh my, how can she comfortably walk around campus with a bulging stomach. Doesn’t she feel ashamed?”

I asked Lydia if she got pregnant what would she do and without hesitation she answered, I would definitely flush another word for abort.

This answer from Lydia got me thinking, and I did a research of my own. Statistics show that out of every ten girls in campus, seven have already procured an abortion at least once in their campus lives, and nine would never mother a baby while still in campus. These statistics were pretty shocking to me and they got me thinking.

A baby never asks to come to this world, we call him/her. They should never have to suffer the consequences of our mistakes. They are innocent and a gift from above. Besides abortion comes with a very high price to pay most of the time.

A woman could be rendered barren just because of that one abortion procedure. Depending on type or method of the abortion, the womb is at a very great risk of being destroyed. There might also be some infections brought about by the operation, or the unborn child not being removed totally. This may result to fatal measures like removal of the womb and such.

The mother’s life is also at risk. Not only might the baby die, but also the mother. What if that was the only baby one could have ever gotten? What then? Even if all goes well for the mother and she lives to enjoy her life as planned, the guilt of killing will always be in your conscience.

Abortion is murder. It’s better to bear the kid and give it up for adoption. Do not be a murderer. Take responsibility of your actions.




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