Reasons Why Men Are So Defensive


Women always expect to have kings who are to treat them as queens.To an extent of expecting these kings to be ‘godly’ kings who do not go wrong at any point.They are always heard shouting and crying that they are ‘heartbroken.’ with the meaning of their vocabularly not well known. This is because causes are more than one and can be used to give an explanation to their words.

To avoid all this, men have come up with other tactics that help them tame the power of the exploding angry women. They turn to be so defensive. A man may become angry at a woman when he has made a mistake and the woman is upset.Him being upset is propotional to the size of the mistake. A little mistake makes him less defensive,while a big mistake makes him more defensive.
images (9)Sometimes women wonder why men don’t say they sorry for a big mistake.The answer is,he is afraid of not being forgiven.It is too painful for him to acknowledge that he has failed you in someway. Instead of saying he is sorry he may become angry with you for being upset. When a man is in this state,a woman should treat him like a passing cloud and lie low.

After that period has passed he will be very happy because the woman did not make him feel he was wrong or did not try to change him.If she tries to stop the cloud,it will create havoc and he will put the blame on her for interfering. This is a new one for many women because, when someone is upset, a woman will never ignore or even consider lying low.

She will naturally get involved and try to understand what is bothering the other person by asking a lot of questions.But this is different with men,they prefer being left alone and to apologise when they feel that they are ready or want to. Sometimes a man will do little things if he is sorry as a way of apologising.As a partner you should learn to accept them as a way of an apology.




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