Reasons Why Mr. Laikipia University Was Inspired To Modeling


This article focuses on Mr Laikipia University. Who he really is ,what his aspirations in life are,what is his source of inspiration and many more. This is what he had to say after an interview with Magazine Reel.

“My name is Alex Chacha.
I am the firstborn in a family of four , at the Kenyan-Tanzanian border, Sirare .I love fashion and this inspired me a lot to modeling.I had never modeled before but I gave my best during that day.Thanks to my mum for the moral and financial support,the entire Laikipia University students body and  The Almighty God.I got the techniques from undergoing serious training for almost a month in addition to watching various YouTube videos on Kenyan university modeling events.

After the dais I’ve planned to give back to Laikipia University and the community. At the campus we plan to hold a series of events with the support of the administration and students body mainly to enhance cohesion among us. Because it is through that event that I learnt how such practices will ensure cohesion and national intergration.I also learn how important it is to put aside vices such as ethnicity for our good and the good of our nation.

So with the help of the administration I hope to hold more and more events that will see to cultural integration.It all begins with us if we are able to stop vices such as ethnicity and tribalism through such events so be it.What we really want is a corruption free and a united Kenya.

I still believe that we are the future leaders of our nation.Modeling is my passion and I want to make it part of my career. I love designing which can also go in hand with modeling.I am looking up to Sean O’pry who is one of the Most successful models and to those who look up to me one word from me,

‘make something big out of the least you have.’
And this to me is a great mind,a great person with achievable dreams. I wish him all the best in what he does best.I know it takes much more than looks to get where he is. It requires a great deal of determination and courage.




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