REEL EXCLUSIVE: Kisii University Female Student Talks About Her Alleged List of Men She has Infected with HIV/AIDS

daniella kisii

Fear last week crept Kisii University environment after a controversial post was made in a forum of 6500 students and alumni as a first year student allegedly admitted to infecting 148 students with deadly HIV/AIDS virus. She allegedly did this during her two semesters stay at school. Readers say that she had also shared her objectives of ensuring that she infects 500+ during her four year stay at school.

In a quick turn of events, Magazine Reel team contacted the lady who allegedly had posted the scary information in the Kisii  University’s comrades forum. The lady who goes by the name Daniella Zumla in the post had claimed that during her freshas party known to many as snatch up bash, she was able to infect 5 male students and that the list continues. The lady managed to speak to Magazine Reel on her thoughts on the origins of the said list dubbed #ControversalHIVlistKSU.

Though she confirmed that she was a student in the said institution as indicated, Daniella vehemently denied the accusations labeling the events as hate-speech against her by some of her enemies. She insinuated that the post might have been crafted by one of her ex boyfriend who she said was the only person whose laptop had a folder full of her nude images. She said that it is only the said boyfriend who had access to her images though she failed to give his name. Magazine Reel sought to no avail the contact information of her boyfriend.

“Have neva done such a crime n Kisii that c lie .. av nat slept wt any n kisii uni”, Said Daniella

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“All ma photos was n ma x laptop n i have only one dude pik dah one used no other .. no one else had t”, She added

Daniella whose reply was coated in a rather difficult to understand language said that she doesn’t have the said virus and has never infected anybody within Kisii University and its environments. She said that the posts originator had even gone ahead to threaten and ask her to cough out Ksh. 10000 to earn a silence. Upon receipt of the said contact details, Magazine Reel did a background search about the owner, unfortunately the number was out of service. It stayed unidentified and its existence proved to be questionable.

“Dat a lie thats someone I dnt knw has hacked ma accont threatng mi to send 10 k r else wil destroy mi”, She said.

Daniella also indicated that she had reported the matter to a police station near her and that the police officers were conducting investigations. Magazine Reel was not able to receive the actual complaint from her since she vehemently indicated that she had forgotten all the details concerning the case. She said that only her uncle was privy to the records of the case and the whole situation.

“I dnt knw hwo dah c opened accnt wt ma name. Av done a reprt n police station abt t”, She poised

The lady under siege went mum immediately she was asked about the details of her former boyfriend. She successfully thwarted our several attempts to squeeze out as much information that would be conclusive enough to gauge the truth and help out.

Such cases of lists being dished out left, right and center especially in public universities in Kenya is not new. Every semester reports indicate that atleast two lists are always released in 50 of the 69 campuses in Kenya. Out of the 50, 45 of the said lists usually end up as mere rumors or a minor concoction from a love gone sour. The remaining five usually have a history of displaying unreasonable number of students infected within a very short period of time. In short the issue of HIV List in campuses might be real but the story behind them usually doesn’t add up.

Share your views on this story. Do you think that Daniella is the true owner of this list?. Is she a victim of love gone sour?. Is it an extortion event aimed at her innocent self or what is it for you?.




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