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The demand for skilled IT professionals in Kenya still by far meet what the local universities offer every graduation year.

#CollegeHack#CollegeHack is a project that will bring together college students in Universities in Western Kenya to a one day open hackathon on the last Saturday of every month.

These series of hackathons to be hosted at LakeHub will be structured to promote teamwork, skills actualization/development and entrepreneurial thinking among the college students.

It will be one day break from the traditional classrooms to work towards solving challenges in the society using information technology.

On every hacking session, there will be at least three mentors covering programming, design and business aspects to offer support to the students.

The Issue
Technology holds solution to some of Africa’s biggest challenges. The good news is that the most important channel through which these solutions can be realized is getting closer and closer to us.

Internet connectivity has covered most Africa’s urban areas and is spreading to to the rural areas. The bad news is as much as the tools get more easily accessible, our knowledge on using them is still very low.

We therefore can not take refuge in Technology until we equip ourselves with the skills to best use it. While the current education system in Kenyan universities continue to play its role in educating millions of children out of poverty, it has proven not to be enough.

Major cities like Nairobi with a good number of activity packed technology hubs are already making progress towards getting more people excited about technology, build networks and skills.

This is not happening in any other part of the country, LakeHub through #CollegeHack aims to build excitement in technology among University students in western Kenya.

Enable them to connect with each other, learn from each other and with the help of industry mentors develop useful skills at the same time take part in solving real problems in the society.

Starting on the 31st January, 2015 LakeHub invites students to the space both CS based and non CS with interest in technology for a whole day of hacking starting at 8am.

During the first quarter of the day, there will be networking session where the students get to know each other’s background and interests. The next would be ideation stage followed by hacking.

Through this, students will open up their minds and see opportunities in the challenges they experience in their society. Equipped with knowledge acquired, skills developed and networks build, they can embark on building solutions to the problems.

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