Retrosexuals Corner: Egerton Gym Addicts, A Huge Chest is Not a Free Ticket to Winning Ladies


Its Thursday ,its been a long lull yes but i can bet my left lung that am now back on this column. The most read across Kenyan campuses.

Like we do ,we start by analyzing the week,its been a dramatic week. Am told Babu Owino had a Ksh14 million birthday. Seems the young man is surely living his name as it tends to suggest “Babu”. He even imported people from Ethiopia to come and feast!! Wait,don’t we have mouths in Kenya. Babu you owe me an apology.

It has also been a week full of Prophesies. Talk of El-nino topping headlines. Talking El-Nino,i must state here that i have a list of about thirty people i would like the floods to sweep away from my life.

No offense,i don’t entertain ladies who think they are the most short tempered ,take it slow,how i pray El-Nino comes after they read this masterpiece.Now today we are hitting the gym. We are talking about those men who just love being in the gym. Those comrades who think its fun to have a big chest. We draw our example right from inside Egerton University,Njoro campus.Lets put the column on the road.

You see this comrades spent entirely most of their stay in the Gym,coincidental enough,the gym is located somewhere closer to a hotel. When their counterparts are busy building brains ,they are busy building muscles. Their world revolves round metals,metals and metals. Look, i know some men are pre-disposed to have huge chests but i must openly state it here that i really  hate these comrades who walk around with chests that seem to be about to burst. To make matters worse,most of them are from the lakeside. They are those comrades you will see walking in old Mtumba vests in the biting cold weather currently at Njoro.

I don’t understand what is nice in being a bouncer. Am aware that most of them are always found at the entrance when and if there are events in the university. They love it when they push you and you swing on air finding a firm ground of exuberance and in turn they think they are more stronger than Samson. I know human beings should hit the gym once a while for weight and body control but on this case,these micro comrades think they are more awesome with huge chest and ladies will came around them. Most of them have no time to reason out ,they will rough you up as quick as possible to maintain their elephant ego. Its not that i am a 2-gb type of Man,you never know,whats in my head is bigger than your chest,larger than your muscles. See,there is no point of walking past the students center thrice in three minutes at a chameleon pace,Relax,take a chill pill,there is this arrogant, aggressive attitude that turns me off to gym rats. Not all women are going to think you’re as awesome as you think you are,take it or leave it.

There is nothing ugly like a man with a huge chest with small voice. A huge guy with a rather “Small mind” just like its funny to see a “Rastaman” who speaks not like a man,i mean,a dread-locked man speaking non sensible things in public.On that note,we come to the end of today’s Edition,hit us on the comment box with the answer to pout top question today.

Have you had an experience with Egerton University Gym addicts? .Hit me up on twitter @KoyoOdongo.





  1. Man, u jus hit the point clear….had a bad encounter with them one tym, jus wen i was a fresher, 3 yrs down the line n i can assure you it wasn’t something to smile abt. Infact i,don know the reason we have tht gym in egerton…i don see its essence atha than mekin some guys think they own the university with their chests.

  2. If someone is passionate about bodybuilding leave them alone ..a small fable goes like when the hare couldn’t reach the fruits at the top of of the tree…he said they were rotten

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