RETROSEXUALS CORNER: Ladies, Here is why Men only See your Bulk if you are Fat


No warnings please, am a Retrosexual.
There is no point of these politicians reconciling if they can’t sort the drainage system in this town, or maybe they want to name all the Roads “River Road”.There is no point of Kalonzo claiming a share of anything now, maybe Raila sent him that “Where are you at, am at the podium with Miguna about to be sweared in.” Message and the only slippery breathing being that ever came out of Ukambani Blue Ticked him.There is no Point of You stabbing me a million times and you still act like you are the one bleeding to death. There is no point of putting on “Ngugi” instead of “Gucci” .Welcome back to the Retrosexual’s Corner.

It’s been a long lull fellow men and women of letters but don’t ye be scared, let’s get into it.Khaligraph is eating Raw Meet in these videos, Bahati is suspecting that Heaven might not be the fruit of his sweat in the cold Nairobi weather, Diamond is moving around like Zari Never Left, a lot of thing are happening but Pozze does not care, he is moving on with the hits like never before. Have you realized that the last hit song Pozze wrote without talking about Women was Sitolia featuring Gloria Muliro? Well I know the Millenial’s are like “What is this guy talking about?” If you have listened to Pozze’s last two songs then you must agree with me that Women play a big role in our Lives as Men. But men do not just like and Love Women, they are very specific and that’s the point.

Every Man out here wants to date or bed a slim lady or let’s just say a lady who cares about her weight. Look at this this way, it’s not a drill and you can confirm that by the number of Ladies spending time in the Gym and morning routines. When they are out there sweating some fat out, the Man who want them to shed weight are busy irrigating their throats in some dusty local Joints or in some well-lit urban Bars downtown. Look, honestly fat ladies are good but most of these men won’t get out holding your hand when the sun is up. They know that the first and the last thing the world will see is your Bulk. That is how human beings are, all of them want to be judge and jury, no one likes being in the dock!

But then again there is no point of you being 20 and you are already a two full seats on an airline. To make your condition sounds relevant and convince the people around you that it’s just fine.Imagie a Heart-shaped face, freckled skin gray eyes all on one young Woman who is almost hitting 101kg and she still has space for more junk. These people are often so friendly and open but the world look at them like they are to be blamed for the Cold weather currently rocking the Boy Child. But its 2018 and no young Woman should allow herself to get to some weird KG’s. Who do you think you are? Italian Fat Lady?

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