Retrosexual’s Corner:Come 2050,Our Children Will Walk Naked And Grandma’s Will Be On Heels


There is nothing to Smile about because the ladies we have lately smile only on Selfie’s, speak only via phones, dream only under the influence of alcohol, and have fun only after taking in a few bottles of Beer and Love with Conditions. The World is changing so fast .Men are out there lamenting how the ladies only love them for their money without asking themselves if they would love the same ladies without Sex, Look folks, sex is not money and money is not sex ,and the two does not define Real Love.
Things have changed, when God created human beings he created us to be loved, we are being used and things are being loved. But who is to blame? This is the Retrosexual’s Corner on Magazine Reel, its Thursday that day you get up-close and personal with Mr Retrosexual.
This is the generation Y ,Men are women young in age are going for tattoos, they want their loved ones image drawn on their body parts ,many of them are still in college, the tattoos are good I don’t dispute but then when you have my tattoo on your chest and I have not married you then you are forgetting the word that “A man has not done anything in your life until he takes you in as a wife” .We are all made of black, black don’t crack and black is beautiful and handsome, the man above however jealous we can be at time is not from America or Africa, my honest opinion is that you craft funny things on your body, you are no less telling God that He would have given you the soils so that you be your own maker.
Don’t ask why we have too many men and less husbands, don’t ask why we have too many ladies but not enough wives out there.Don’t ask why at times you see things and you totally cant explain the, in as much as you would have wished to. Young men spend time in the Gym, playing video games on internet watching explicit materials and flirting on WhatsApp .Young ladies are keen on the latest Love series and programs thinking that they would even be better, they are walking naked in the streets, they know it and they can’t just see, the old men next door can’t see because they have been blinded and they don’t know. Everything is in a total mess, news of atheists out there recruiting young souls.
At one moment we will be grandfathers and mothers, imagine that time, grandfathers with huge chests and funny hair styles, old men with tight trousers and funny Swahili and English. Look at the grandmothers, still on makeups because apparently they can’t stop using them for fear of looking like some funny animals, grandma’s in Weaves and heals. I don’t want to think about the grandchildren because they will be walk naked!!
Truth is, we have all tried to emulate the Love of Christ and failed, Truth is since that day man realized he is naked, we have tried to cover our nakedness till we are now tired and we don’t mind walking half naked. Truth is, we can hold the next generation if we meet ourselves ,be the boss, call a meeting with yourself ,bosses don’t cancel. It’s time for the Kenyan youth to ask themselves one question. Who are we? .Just who the hell do we think we are?
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  1. Lessons. Words the work of a good writer. Big fan of your column KOYO.

    Niko holiday Busia baba.

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