REVEALED!: 80% of University Students Don’t Know MLK


I dip my quail into my beloved inkpot for my all time mentor-Martin Luther King Jr.On January 19th 2015,the world celebrated the global popular MLK(Martin Luther King Jr Day)

Born on January 15th 1929,Martin Luther King Jr lived to inspire many a generation with his Solomon wise quotes and unparalleled fight for civil rights.He was an advocate for the unity between the blacks and the whites as he sought to end the racial gaps.

As I embarked on the journey to inquire from the comrades on what they thought of the life and times of Martin Luther King Jr,responses were extremely shocking.The era of ‘true comradeship’ for university students has over the years taken a nosedive.Most comrades could only reminisce his powerful speech about the ‘Dream’.Nothing much!

The era of Leftism is no more.In fact the word ‘comrade’ ought to be scrapped.One female student knew nothing about the day being celebrated.All she could mumble was that the person in question was a great philosopher.Fullstop.

Just the same way Che Guevara is known as a fashion Trademark to the common eye of our dear ‘comrade’,Marcus Garvey also suffers the same appraisal.The true personality of these great people who changed the global perception of race,class and religion are known to only but a few who stand to care.

As the world celebrated MLK,thousands thronged the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial (a monument erected in his honour).Martin Luther King Jr was a clergyman and a unshaken activist on matters humanitarian.He founded the famous African American Civil Rights Movement and Peace Movement.This great project culminated into racial equality through non-violence among the Blacks and Whites.What a great man!

His works didn’t go unnoticed as the world honoured him through the prestigious global award of Nobel Peace Prize in October 14th 1964.He was assassinated by a college student on April 4th 1968 aged 38.

I look forward to a comrade who will be inspired by this great man.Let not the spirit of Leftism get wasted under concealment of fashion icon(ry) while their true service was vested in betterment of human conditions.In Martin Luther King Jr’s great words ‘The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right’.



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