REVEALED!!!: Egerton Theatre Group and Not Triple- E Represented The University in Mau Region Drama Festivals

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When Egerton University received an invitation letter to attend the Mau Region Drama Festivals, the two Major Theater groups in Egerton University (SPArT and Triple E) came together and United under an umbrella EGERTON THEATER GROUP. After the unification meeting a team was selected to write a play that will be staged in Maasai Mara University. The team sat and they wrote a play and named it      “Devil- Ution.” However a few days after completion the team identified errors in the play.

In a meeting that was held in student center, the errors we mentioned and due to lack of time to correct the errors or come up with another play, they desperately adopted the play “I AM MY FATHERS SON” that had been staged earlier by Triple E.

egertonI wish to correct that the group that went to represent the University was not Triple E but was the EGERTON THEATER GROUP.

The items they presented included the play, standup comedy, a solo verse, choral verse, a narrative and modern dance.

The winning play was “The Demand” which was staged by Mt.Kenya-Eldoret, Followed by a play by Maasai Mara university and the third rank was taken by the Egerton Theater Group with their play “I AM MY FATHERS SON.”

Jacob Mulei emerged the best in his skill of making people laugh with his comedy about drugs. He emerged the winner in the standup comedy sector followed by a Moi University student with comedy of university chemistry. The third position was taken by a Maasai Mara student with his comedy “mbu”

In the solo verse sector Hazari Abdalla came the second runners up.

Egerton’s Choral verse did not emerge in the top three, a matter which brought dissatisfaction and an appeal on the results is underway.

In the narrative section, Egerton had the narrative “Akalla in a thousand words.” The narrative failed to appear in the top three positions.

The Hood became the second runners up in the modern dance section.

The succeeding categories will proceed to the national levels come April.



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