REVEALED!!!: Egerton University Student Leaders Earning Peanuts as Salaries


Student Union of Egerton University is made up of determined, compassionate and hardworking chieftains. Among all varsities, these are the students whom can assert they join the union with urge to serve students with less interest put on remunerations. Egerton student leaders are few among the least paid leaders that toil on Kenyan soils. They purely earn simsims leave alone peanuts.

Unlike other universities where student leaders would wish to stick in office and go for more than one election, at Egerton its contrary. With least specifications in the constitution they rarely re-vie. Once their term elapses they all crawl out and leave office vacuous for fellow comrades to punch in and test the desert.

Few days ago Director Special Programmes when hosted on Egerton radio revealed mid stagnation that he consummates 8,000 shillings only. This sounds like allowance to some student leaders.

Most students who have had a chance to lead such big masses have been able to make both wealth and fame out of brassy salaries they earn. Some leaders are driving courtesy their salaries while others run super colossal businesses in different whistle-stops which they started after joining the unions.

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Egerton student leaders the far they have gone with their salaries is to success hotels in school which were inaugurated by fore businessmen.

Speaking to one of the leaders whose identity has been withheld, he revealed to our sources that Faculty Congresses out of their strainers duties pockets only 1,000 shillings followed by Halls Congresses who scares up 2,000 shillings only.

The directors Special programmes, sports and entertainment, transport and health and security and catering pulls down 8,300 shillings only. The Secretary General and Vice chair sadly socks 9,300 shillings and the SUEU Chairman scrapes together 10,000 shillings only.

Each wrangles 1,000 shillings for sitting allowances such as parliament meetings and there is 3,000 travelling allowances for those not on session.

Compared to other varsities, this is itsy if the work they are supposed to carry out should be delivered efficiently. Could this be the reason the union is less swift on duty?




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