Revealed: Health risks that come with Smartphone Addiction in Students


Whenever illnesses associated with addiction are mentioned, the immediate thought is the abuse of substances like alcohol and drugs. But there are all sorts of addictions, with newer culprits being associated with current technologies.

A new study has reported the worrying trend of smartphone addiction, with symptoms such as craving, mood changes, loss of control and even withdrawal symptoms!

Who would have thought that smartphones would end up with such health risks? It is not just addiction. An analysis of university student’s frequently using smartphones has revealed the impairment of hand function, caused by repetitive movements of the wrists and fingers during texting and browsing. At best, there might just be some irritating discomfort, but at worst; there can be an effect on certain nerves that control hand function.

Everyone who frequently uses hand-held devices for work and play needs to be aware of the inherent dangers. Typically, the average user can spend more than three hours a day on text, email, browsing the net, or just playing games. Whilst economic activities, learning and entertainment have their value with modern gadgets, there must always be a balance that negates potential untoward effects.

You can take some steps to minimize repetitive actions with your fingers and the wrist, which is usually the cause of what is aptly referred to as repetitive stress injury. Try using your smartphone with both hands instead of just one. This will balance out the actions among all your fingers, and both wrists.

Manufacturers too can help out. It seems putting the keys at the top of the smartphones may lessen repetitive stress. But the most important factor is to reduce the total time spent on smartphone keypads. Find a way of interrupting your smartphone usage every day and you will reap some health benefits.

If you suspect that you may be suffering from a smartphone addiction, please seek help in good time. Physical therapies usually help with repetitive stress injuries. Rarely, more invasive interventions may be necessary for those with advanced injuries. General addiction symptoms can sometimes be difficult to correct, but treatment strategies involving different experts come in handy.

Throwing away your gadget may be an initial impulse once you get afflicted and want to regain some control. But that’s hardly practical in this day and age. You will struggle to keep abreast with the modern world without the use of smart aides. Find a smarter way of using your gadgets. In some ways, you may actually end up healthier.

Source – The Standard



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