REVEALED!!! : How the Government Killed 147 Garissa University Students Yesterday


Hello and welcome to Friday briefing here on Magazine Reel, Kenya’s Best Online Campus Newsite.Today we start by sending our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives following the Garrisa Siege, we join the nation in prayers for those injured.At Magazine Reel, we pray and hope that the attack may be the last one on the Kenyan soil.

Well, the campus siege forms the basis of the briefing today.  Our Senior Reporter Caleb Odongo Koyo has been following the story and now gives it a new look, he now tells the untold side of the script. Have a good read.
The attack on Garrisa University is one that has been felt by Kenyans from all walks. The attack that left 147 people dead breaks the record set by Westgate Attack where information in the public domain indicates that 67 people lost their lives.

Once again the security mechanism has slept on the switch leaving the nation more wounded than it was. Few days and hours before the Islamist gunmen attacked the university, a lot of suggestive things happened.  Let’s shift our focus to those key moves and try and understand why the gunmen decided to attack Garrisa University and not any other place having in mind that there is a market and a hospital just close to the Varsity.

University Of Nairobi notified their students and staff to be vigilant and diligent while at the university and other crowded places and report any suspicious persons or luggage.

“The information is already being processed by relevant government agencies with an objective of putting necessary measures in place to foil any such attempt”,  stated the notice dated march 25 and signed by the chief security officer Wilfred Wahome.

Two days before the attack, a blogger who also doubles up as a security officer posted on social media that intelligence reports indicate that the terror group was planning a mass murder in North Eastern.
At the United States international university (USIU) appeared the same notice, two days before the attack. Kenya universities seem to have had information of an impending terrorist attack.

What is shocking is that the Dean of students Garrisa university Jactone Kweya Opande said that the varsity did not receive any warning on any attack despite the institution always being in touch with the police.
The president, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta moments before the attack declared the nation safe throwing salvos at those nations that issued travel advisories to their citizens.  The president noted that if Obama will be in Kenya in July then it’s a clear indication that the nation is safe. From how the president talked, it’s clear that Global politics is shaping up at the expense of Kenyans security. The whole issue of travel advisories is coined under the umbrella of Global politics.
Now to the question closer to the heart of everybody,  Why attack Garissa University?

In 2011, the government upgraded the then Garissa teachers’ training college to a degree awarding institution. It would later be named Garissa University College and a constituent college of Moi university.

The only reason why the gunmen would decide to attack the varsity is because of its location and diverse cultural extraction of students not to mention the varsity being a very soft spot at the Northern Kenya.
What’s the point.Whats the bottom line? Let’s now tie up the thoughts. The varsities that issued the notice on an impending attack are at the heart of Nairobi, they addressed the same to security officials who did not act with speed like expected. Before a crisis meeting would be called, the nation was already bleeding.

The government has once again failed to assure Kenyans of their security. The president is playing cheap global politics with security. At the end of the day the buck stops with the Government. Many Kenyans have met their untimely death and many times the government has tagged the Attackers as Cowards. I wonder whether a stranger who comes to your house and kills your mother is a coward! It’s like somebody coming to your house at lunchtime, eats your lunch and evicts you.

This is the bottom line. If the government would have been swift and keen on the links, the 147 young Kenyans who died yesterday and many others who have lost lives before would still be alive building the nation. When history is written, it will be recorded that the Kenyan government once killed 147 students.

That brings us to the end of Friday briefing today. Catch up with this conversation on Twitter @Magazinereel and @KoyoOdongo.




  1. Nice job,i love how you have broken down the whole story.Thats how journalism should be,making people understand

  2. Well put Caleb.Sad state of affairs in our nation.The guy talking of daily nation up there sijui hio ni Daily nation ya malawi ama gani!!!.Ama you read downwards.I have read the standard,nation and even the well paid reporters could not analyse this like Caleb has done it.Great job bro!!

  3. Shocked at how the president is handling security.RIP comrades!! koyo,keep it up,keep us posted.Hapa laikipia tunakupata

  4. Condolences to all the students and families affected! Its true there might have been a lapse as you indicate, but lets also appreciate our brothers and sisters in the Military and the police, who helped in rescue mission yesterday. They put their lives at risk and overcame the terrorists.

  5. I like the you have put it.
    Our condolences to all comrades who
    But solution to this menace is paromount

  6. nice job……this greatly shows how rotten our society is……..they had the potential to prevent the incident…..but what did they do? they shrugged their shoulders……may all those who perished rest in peace

  7. If past government regimes could have experienced security threats that the current government you would note there is improvement.Thanks to God for the many lives that survived

  8. If past government regimes could have experienced security threats that the current government you would note there is improvement.Thanks to God for the many lives that survived

  9. if thoz guys were moving frm rum to rum na kdf wako nje,then its clear that the gvt killed comrades… R.I.P comrades… thanx caleb 4 briefing… EGERTON NJORO nakuget.

  10. Keep the comments coming,there is absolutely nothing wrong with heading.What the way forward on the security question?

  11. y iz it that when there is a scandal touching on to our politician..something bad alwayz happen this not a method meant to make kenyans forget about the *corruption list*???

  12. nkt,kwani unataka president awe anatubeba kwa mfuko si wote ndo 2we safe,kuweni realistic fundamentals izi,so thankless,rip the victims..

  13. You are very correct odongo kip it up……..Rest in peace our fallen comrades may Lord rest those innocent souls in peace……gava please a comrade is there to build our nation to be more better……..God is watching from above…….condolosence to the familes who lost their lovec ones

  14. keep it up celeb..good work bro for the briefing,there is sence in it…
    RIP our fellow comrades.

  15. good report caleb,,, but let joins hands in strengthening security matters in kenya .plz knw ua neighbor.

  16. The president has the bigger responsilbilty to take charge of the inteligence and do his best.Kutubeba kwa mfuko ni wewe ,jinga hiiii

  17. Hongera bwana caleb, ukweli huchoma, nakushukuru maana mmejitoa kusema yanayojiri,hiyo ndiyo serikali tarajiwa!babu owino,endelea vivo hivo!tunawapa pole kwa wale wote waliopatwa na msiba, Mungu ako juu,nasi 2ko chìni,its nt ova until its ova!ahsanteni sana..

  18. We are one.A comrade tear is a comrade tear….Rest in peace Comrades….God is watching.Nice briefing Caleb

  19. Kenya security should improve moresaw NIS.They should be ahead of thiz stupid Al-shaabab not the reverse…kama wanasema walipata mipango ya al shaabab ya kuattack hyo university y didnt they take immediate actions???

  20. The prezo is using dirty politics 2 assure us of security whereas the us n uk r giving travel advisories.think abt that

  21. That campus should b converted into a SPECIAL Barrack training anti-terror commandos specifically targeting Al Shabaab.
    Not a bad english writing practice at ua level but that lunch analogy is just too mediocre for anyone above 14 years.

  22. quick recovery to ma fellow comrades who sustained bad injuries n to those who left us rest in peace eternity!

  23. The tension at njoro at the moment is very serious!!!the government must keep kenya safe.Uhuru ametudanganya eti nichi iko safe!!! Nkt!!! ..Caleb umefanya kazi safi

  24. somehow……. y did they take a whole 9 hours before gunning the terrorists…they simply gave them time to kill more students….

  25. huyo erick anaongelea coward.Somebody killing you is a coward,,,ifua bwana…nkt Caleb,we are waiting for updates ,kepp it up

  26. Paul could you kindly bring me up to speed with what Ahmednassir wrote.I have not read from him for a long time now!!!!..We must all come together in respect to the fallen comrades. Ahmednasir is one of those people i don’t listen to not to mention reading his articles

  27. Caleb ,this is a good job man.great breakdown!! the government must not hold q gun ndo waue mtu,they did it. Pablo amhme,,,huyo ndo nani?????

  28. Caleb nice post .I read your stories ,you are good.You are just the best…Yani umeandika hii mpaka wengine wanafeel tu inafaa ikuwe kwa the standard…Eti copy pasted,,jinga nyiyi,,Caleb is just smart,inteligent and knows how to go about writing.Mkikaa hapo mkisema ni pasted,alshabaab,,,ni government,if uhuru aneskia inteligent reports ,hii haingehapen…”The government killed ,period” Caleb i think you should replace one of those columnists at the standard !!!good job bro

  29. RIP comrades, so sad, it’s a high time that the goverment focuss on the citizens security all in all let us join hands and do what we can to save our nation. Prayers. God save and bless Kenya.

  30. Sombody said that alshabab wont succeed. Does real understand the meaning of succeeding? How can he say this after 147 comrades have been killed by the same regime which, by his understanding,, wont succeed. I bet we are not in Krnya, maybe somewhere “katikati ya” Somalia.

  31. Sombody said that alshabab wont succeed. Does real understand the meaning of succeeding? How can he say this after 147 comrades have been killed by the same regime which, by his understanding,, wont succeed. I bet we are not in Kenya, maybe somewhere “katikati ya” Somalia.

  32. I wonder comrades wana argue abt di origin of di article…wen burning issues r left out(our security)…nkt…..

  33. Good job Caleb Odongo Koyo.We have always read your articles,i have seen you on stage as an Mc and i must say you are just awesome…You know how to get through,,,2ko strong pamoja kama comrades.We are one

    • thanks koyo, for that statement. it should be taken seriously in addition am also not happy with how university students handle emergency issues…coz alshbaab are not suppermen the only difference is the weapon they posses…we only need to reason psychologically…

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