REVEALED: Isaac Melly Planning Another Hit on University of Eldoret V.C

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Friday, March 13th 2015 marked one week since University of Eldoret students reported back to school to resume their studies. Most of the students are rejuvenated ready to take on their studies as they considered the short break occasioned by the riots led by Senator Isaac Melly as a mid-semester break.

Most students still don’t understand why the most respected Senator with his Honorable title could just wake up one Morning and decide to rally idle Villagers morose Bodabodas who are known to busk around the Sogomo area, a Town Close to University of Eldoret waiting to ferry Comrades who stay in diaspora areas to their respective Cottages. To this long embarrassment the men were seen moving up and down singing anti- Akenga Songs until the mighty Comrades were send home for 2 weeks.

university of eldoret security sudiEven as many students are happy that the good Vice- Chancellor is still intact in Her office doing her most respected job to serve the Comrades, a dark cloud hangs around her head. Magazine Reel can now reveal that the Senator is planning to have another demonstration to have the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Teresia Akenga resign from the University.

It is still inconclusive on what the senator will do to force the resignation of Prof Akenga. However, this time round, the senator might not have the backing of students from the region as they have vowed to oppose him.

According to most Comrades the Senator’s threats will this time round meet the wrath of a united comradeship as most of them have come up irrespective of their tribal lines to defend the VC. Most of them feeling shocked and agitated by the news have decided that the Senator will not disrupt their studies again. They vowed to teach the senator a lesson he will never forget in case he comes around asking for their Support.

Magazine Reel will keep you updated on this development.




  1. I wish that was the truth… basically tells me that you (editor) know nothing about the school…I dont blame you though I just the role of the media to mislead,recieve bribes so as to write on the will of the one who bribed them……please the sttrike is over and we beg you to stop stirring things up…we’ve resumed our studies and everything is moving on as smooth as ever….the things that happened have been buried and forgotten….Proud to be a U.o.E student

  2. Benevolence n Magnanimity is our current shield in our Uni…so the blogger of thz crap, put your shit together n styl up!! brainwashed fela!!

  3. You ought to change your ways of revelation of unknown issues….before u will cornered…..otherwise the comrades are preaching peace all over

  4. Many affected employees who have been denied fair promotion, not paid various dues etc and students who have a bone to pick with senior management for one reason or other will actually WELCOME further action by the leadership of Uasin Gishu. And for the information of the ignorant UG leadership is determined that changes must take place at the university sooner rather than later. Is that why management has installed nearly 100 CCTV cameras in the stamp-sized building that holds Administrative Offices?

  5. There’s a rumor that the little shit of a senator still wants to come back to force her out. Lemme be clear on one thing, i have a one meter metal rod under my bed and i intend to use it against anyone threatening me clearing school by may

    • Today March 18, 2015 Prof Teresa Akenga took off at high speed at 9:00 AM on hearing false rumors that a hit was in the offing. In fact police cordoned off the university from as early as 7:00 AM. Questions: 1 Who spread this rumor that a hit squad was in the making? I put it to you that it is just a self-made crisis! 2 What happened to that metal rod you had under your bed, or are you part of the now obvious grand scheme, hatched by no other than the Mulembe Gang, to make Teresa Akenga appear like a martyr and cast aspersions on the local community. As sure as the sun shall rise tomorrow be assured that this evil and wicked scheme shall not work but shall fall flat. Just as Proverbs 26:2 puts it: ‘Like a fluttering sparrow or a swallow in flight, a curse without cause will not alight’ this scheme is going nowhere, fast.

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