REVEALED: Rongo University Comrades in a Tussle With Villagers over Ladies


The Migori County Center of Excellence, the only academic hub within the county, a resource the locals and the county government guard jealously, with greed and pride. Not only because of the employment opportunity that the institution came with and still creates since its inception but also because of numerous business opportunities it presented, from the “mama mbogas” to private developers.

As the institution grows, controversies have always rocked it, out and within, from the villagers to the students themselves. Rongo university might be a university within a village set up but that has never killed its students morale, they have kept the village far from reach within the university set up. The comrades roll and party as if they are in some Continental Hotel somewhere in the capital, but hell no, they are in some small mabati structure dancing to the Ohangla tunes of Tony Nyadundo and Osogo winyo. Thats the only entertainment they know and maybe Riddims can be heard from “the continental” once in a blue moon.

rongoThe best the university college can afford as a star artist is, lets say they call Sudy Boy and the sassy fast rising star, Esther Akodhe alias AKODHEE. The DjeleDjele songstress and coast based artist has never disappointed comrades. She has always given back to the society from where she hails. She has always abundantly given back to Rongo University.

Away from that comrades, direct to the point. The pressure and the threats to comrades by the villagers, whether real or imaginary, actual or virtual within the “students self confessed K.U (Kitere university, as most comrades refer to the college) is a subject worth talking about. It is a controversy worth redress. The villagers have accused the male comrades of sleeping with their women when they go for work.Its a win-win situation since while the locals may have the rights to complain, comrades have challenged them also to leave their ladies alone for them and concentrate on their women.

This was a serious issue and was a major contributing factor that saw the closure of their Rakwaro Campus-The School of Education. As the Catholic church, in whose premises the campus was housed could not hold it any more, the stream of villagers to the ladies hostels, used condom litters all over and the ever rising cases of abortion then, they decided to formalize their disengagement with the institution and that marked the end of Rakwaro campus.

Months later, the results were visible, so big that even the blind could easily see, majority of the ladies from Rakwaro Campus were heavy, they were carrying young and innocent lives, a future much secure in the womb, enjoying the comfort and warth of the yet to be mother.

The question that bogs comrades mind is, where did we discard our morals as Rongo University comrades? Why are we so busy perpetuating societal moral decadence? And is there shortage of Beautiful ladies in Rongo university?
The pride the university came with is fading so fast than the gains it has made and with the “birth” of the Tom Mboya University College in Homa Bay, Rongo university will soon be walking on its own shadow.




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