REVEALED!!!: Statehouse Plans SONU Takeover By GEMA Community

Current SONU Chairman, Babu Owino at a past event

Key Office of the President officials based at Harambee House and State House are on the spot as the Students Organisation of Nairobi University election nears.

The State House officials are allegedly seeking to sponsor students from the GEMA community to remove others from the leadership of SONU. The officials allegedly claimed to be close to President Uhuru Kenyatta are led by former SONU chairman, Dann Mwangi, who is a senior political advisor of the President.

Dann Mwangi from the Office of the President
Dann Mwangi is allegedly said to be providing monetary and other resources to key students in University of Nairobi to vie for SONU leadership. While meeting the students he wants to run, Mr Mwangi is said to always claim that he is a messenger of President Uhuru Kenyatta who he allegedly says, wants to see students from the Kikuyu community in SONU top leadership.

Three weeks ago, Dann Mwangi met a group of students from the GEMA community at the Sharks Restaurant along Kiambu road. He urged the student to vote for one of their own during the SONU elections which are suppose to happen in early April 2015.

Mr Mwangi together with 4 other State House officials met candidates who are from the Kikuyu community at Ole Sereni hotel. He brought loads of cash and provided the students with the same. Two of the students whom State House allegedly wants to run have been provided with arms and bodyguards to enable them to campaign in the campus. The student who have already been provided with bodyguards and arms are Dennis Nyaga and Mike Kuria. A third student, Bena Mburu, was promised security but has not received any.

Tuesday evening, Dann Mwangi held a similar meeting with other students at the San Valencia restaurant which is located at the Anniversary Towers.

The move by State House officials to support students in the SONU elections has brought tension among students in the campuses with most of them voicing concern. As the campaigns hots up, young students hosted in the various campuses of the University of Nairobi are looking for ways of securing themselves and their belongings as the elections are always characterised by gunfights and rowdiness.





  1. we dont want idollers, we as comrades need astrong person who can assist and help us ,fight corruption in nower days kenya unniversities and addministrations ,to whom i prefer BABU OWINO.chris egerton.

  2. This is high degree of immaturity but i dont blame them….babu must win..i wish as a k.u student i could give him my vote also

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