REVEALED!! The Pope is Headed to Dedan Kimathi University


DEKUT will be on the worlds map after the Holy Father Pope Francis announced the beatification of Catholic nun Venerable Sister Irene Stefani which is to take place in the university’s Graduation Grounds.

Sr.Irene was born in august 22, 1891 in Anfo, a small village in northern Italy. She joined the Consolata Missionaries Sisters in 1911 and also trained as a nurse. She traveled to Kenya and arrived in Mombasa on January 1915 by ship. The Second World War had begun in 1914 and because of her training as a nurse she started to take care of the British soldiers and courier corps who were wounded both in Mombasa and Tanzania. As the war ended she was able to join her Consolata Missionaries in Mathari, Nyeri.

PopeSr.Irene gave herself, body and soul giving healthcare for the sick because of her love and dedication the people of that area nicknamed her `nyaatha’ translated as person of mercy.

According to documents that the missionaries kept at Gikondi Parish, there was an epidemic plague and Sister Irene got infected by a patient she had decided to treat even after being warned that the infection was contagious. She died on 31.10.1930 and was buried at Mathari Diocesan Cemetery.

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Beatification is the third in the process of canonization and can only be decide upon by the pope. It is conducted by the Pope or a delegate.

The day of Beatification
The Holy Father Pope Francis is the one who is supposed to come for the beatification. But due to his tight schedule, he delegated His Eminence, Angelo Cardinal Amato, the Prefect of the Congregation for the, Causes of Saints at the Vatican, Rome.

There are three critical events. On 22nd May 2015 there will be a vigil/kesha at Gikondi parish for the purpose of Spiritual preparation by Christians. The 23rd is the big day of Beatification at Dedan Kimathi University grounds.
On Sunday the 24th, the relics (blessed remains) of blessed Irene will be taken in a big procession from Mathari church to the Cathedral where they will be placed in a new tomb which will be a point of reference as a shrine in future years.



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