REVEALED: Using WhatsApp is Risky.


The use of the most famous and reliable social network is apparently unsafe
as the protection of our personal data is at risk. Everyone relies on the
safekeeping of things that we entrust to people because we need a certain
service from them. This however is not the case now as we are not assured
of everything that we do or say now on WhatsApp.

Did you know that if your government requires your personal data on WhatsApp it will get it without your authorization for the same?
Just how personal is our space? How private is your personal information?
How much risk are we being put in as subscribers to the network? These are
the kind of questions that arise with the recent discovery of how unsafe the social networks are.

According to a research by the Electronic Frontier Foundation called Who Has Your Back, WhatsApp has been rated as the worst company in protecting
user rights online. The research ranks online services in terms of their transparency, user data protection and the protection of data from the

The company is said to avail user information without notifying the users
and therefore putting their lives at risk such as in countries where one can be arrested for putting across some information on social media. Just how much is much in terms of what we can pass across while chatting with friends? This is something that we cannot be assured of as everything that users do can be used against them yet they deserve all the protection.

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It is rightfully the duty of such organizations to make sure that they notify users when their personal data is required either by the government or such. It is also their duty to ensure that they do not allow governments to have easy access to private content.

WhatsApp was ranked for the first time as a meagre star out of the possible five stars showing its magnitude of failure. It is therefore safe to say
that we are unsafe on this social network but we leave it open for improvements in the future because user information should be safeguarded and not availed to anyone without prior knowledge to the users.



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