RIB CRACKING STORY: KU’s Sammy Owino Almost Married When He was in Class Four

Sammy Owino
L-R: Irene Kendy, Sammy Owino and Babu Owino

Hilarious moments are always hard to caption. Same to intuitive events but in today’s piece, you will only be left either inspired or with cracked ribs. Sammy Owino, Babu Owino’s younger brother has his life opened to the public for scrutiny. One of his former classmates and friend had this to say about him.

Sammy owino was born as a bouncing baby boy with a smiling future between August 1990 to August 1992. No one in his family seems to be so sure of his date of birth.

He attended Kahawa barracks kindergarten before partly proceeding to Olympics primary school in Langata. He later joined New Directions Academy where he was expelled for demanding to marry her sexy deskmate Susan Wanjiru. He was later transferred to Nyahera primary school in formerly Nyanza province where he was directly taken to class five skipping class four. The teachers believed that he was too bright for his peers.

At Nyahera primary he is fondly remembered as the first pupil to carry a solid one thousand note to school which he used to buy all the pupils Ugali , Fry mandazi which was retailing at 50 cents each back then. The maandazi seller made more money that day than she always makes in a week. This made Sammy an instant celebrity and was a darling to all beautiful ladies who had recently arrived from Nairobi.

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His close friends remember with nostalgia how he was flogged before the whole assembly for running his dads canter Lorry into a wall when in class six and firing at hen using his dads gun which luckily missed death by a whisker.This only increased the mystery and perceived heroism of Sammy Owino.

He later proceeded to Kisumu after a protest from the headteacher. At this age he was already a close friend to the then area MCA who was recently vying for a parliamentary seat, Hon. Sam Kotiende.

At Kisumu, he took a long one year break from the 8;4;4 system but actively continued with the education on life skills. He would later convinced all kids in the neighborhood to contribute 5 bob each daily in a club where he was the chairman, The treasurer and the vice chairman making him feared by both the big boys and the small beautiful girls. When playing kalongolongos he was always the father.

Later he joined Agiro primary school in Rusinga island where he picked his studies from class six and became top of his class up to KCPE. In class seven he staged a successful slow down over harassment by the maths teacher. He was later summoned to the headteachers office together with his accomplices where the book of proverbs was read to them and prayers held.HE survived primary and got saved. He would then easily proceed to be the top of his class earning a place at the prestigious Agoro Sare High School.

He was always top of his class earning him a leadership position as a class secretary.He was feared by both the headboy and the cooks who always gave him more food than others. He ensured a quiet discontent among the fellow students. He always condemned brutal punishment by the prefects on students and was removed from the post when he recommended to the class teacher that members of his class were busy with studies and could not clean their classrooms.

Few months to KCSE, he surprised many by performing a rap song with his classmate and later emerging top of his group and district in the mock results released. He finally scored an A- in his final exams earning him a place at Kenyatta university to undertake a degree in biochemistry.

He spent part of his first and second year writing catchy letter to the registrar to change to his preferred course law having been inspired by the current ombudsman Hon. Otiende Amollo who was featured in the parents magazine when he was in form one.

At k.u he served as a class rep, a club sec gen and chairman and later a Top presidential contender feared by the administration but loved by staff and students.He is also undertaking a law degree at UON AND WILL BE VYING FOR EMBAKASI EAST PARLIAMENTARY SEAT IN 2017



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