Rongo University VC Urge Students to Shun Politics in 2017

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Rongo university Vice chancellor yesterday told students to stay away from engaging in political rhetoric and focus on education and their studies. Professor Samuel while speaking to members of staff and students said that as Kenya heads to the 2017 general elections students should be able to only bank on good ideas and vision from politicians.

The VC informed members of staff and students that politicians will come out to misuse their trust and convince them to engage in unlawful activities. He urged them to ensure that they do not wait for handouts from various candidates and expressed confidence that no student shall engage in election malpractice.

The VC was quick to note that Rongo has some of the best brains in Kenya and that if students strive to make the best then they will be the best. He said that for Kenya to fight the vice of tribalism, students, the community and members of the academia should play a major role.

Prof Samuel also called on to members of staff to offer proper guidance to students and ensure that they grow positively in both social and religious categories. He urged all students to be patient even as they continue with the process of transforming the institution.

Rongo university will open its doors to students in the 3rd of January 2017.



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