SAD: Campus Love Triangle that Leaves Sam with HIV


This is a story about Tom , Mary ,Sam and Jane. So Tom is a Ruwenzori Halls resident. He wakes up every single day to the uncomfortable Ruwe’s environment. He is madly in love with Jane, an Arbadares’ girl. She is a high class big bootied chick with everything every man needs. The previous weekend, Tom had used half his school fees to take her out. People say dudes can’t be virgins but Tom was; he had never had a taste of a woman.

He desired to touch, kiss, hug and even make sweet love to her. What Tom never knew was that Jane did not at once love him or even cared, she was there for the money. The guy would do anything for her including lying to his parents for more money. Tom was averagely good-looking and he was a pretty straight forward guy. He had his friend Sam an Amboseli guy who was more of a womanizer. He used to boast to his friend of the number of girls he had slept with only that day.

love_triangle_by_oboe_wan-d50tcxiSam was nothing close to being a good friend. Behind Tom’s back he seduced Jane and slept with her many times than they could count while offering her money. Mary is somewhere between Sam’s concubines, his girlfriend or some other virgin girl he broke. She is mostly devastated and stressed because Sam no longer calls or picks her calls. She had had sex with Sam many times, especially when he was on dry spell with no girl to warm his bed.

Tom meets Mary and she lies about how she lost her virginity to rape because she had seen the dudes together. She asks Tom about Sam and Tom denies their friendship. After a while Sam wants to get someone serious he remembers Mary and goes to her on arriving at her place he walks in on Tom and Mary having s3x. He beats up his friend for betraying him. Mary slaps Sam and there is fracas since Jane who is a supposed friend of Mary arrives and they all know the truth. Now the good guys are Tom and Mary, Tom decides women are evil and takes Sam’s characters.

Mary disappointed little girl decides she won’t date campus dudes but she needs orgasms once any guy would touch her she would give in just for sexual satisfaction she gets pregnant. Sam dumps Jane and he continues buying sex where he gets accessories like HIV/AIDS. Tom now uses Bhang, Jane was exposed in campus life with syphilis.



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