Safaricom Sues JKUAT Student, Cyprian Nyakundi Over Slander


Safaricom Company Limited which is the biggest telecommunications industry in Kenya has dramatically sued a third year university student on allegations of slander. The company through its lawyers have filed a case against one Cyprian Nyakundi for damaging the company’s online reputation on Twitter. @C_NyaKundiH who has over 518,000 followers on Twitter is a student at Jomo Kenyatta university of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Juja campus. Nyakundi is per-suing a bachelor of science in actuarial science within the varsity.

Known to many as a no nonsense blogger and a registered noise maker and activist, Cyprian Nyakundi is both a trend setter and and a strong critic of most companies in Kenya. In a suit notice published in the local dailies, Safaricom, through its lawyer Ogetto, Otachi and Company Advocates, says Nyakundi has started a 15-part series ‘How Safaricom steals from Kenyans with third parties’, which portrays the telco as a “thief and a fraud, obtaining money and profits in form of airtime from its subscribers through non-existent subscriptions”.

In the second part, Nyakundi is alleged to have written an article titled ‘Your privacy and Safaricom are two different things‘, where he claimed that the company is infringing on its customers’ privacy and getting away with it.

In the third part, the @SafaricomLtd says the blogger wrote an article dubbed ‘Time to put Safaricom back in its box before it seriously hurts Kenyans‘, where he discusses the plight of Kenyans who he claims were laid off by the company after falling ill.

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And in the fourth piece, @Safaricom_Care says @C_NyaKundiH wrote an article titled ‘Are Safaricom lone wolves preying on our security? What they don’t want you to know’.

The student who only turned 24 years old a day ago reacted with alot of shock when he saw his name published in one of the local dailies as the defendant in the case and Safaricom as the complainant.

“Safaricom has sued me…Oh my God”, he tweeted moments after going through the article in the local dailies. The news that the telco giants have gone for him threw Kenyans on Twitter to a hot spin of events. KOT as they are popularly referred jammed the social media platforms to react to the shocking news. Some even went ahead to form a trending hashtag in defense of Nyakundi.

This is not the first time that the student blogger has found himself in under threat for his alleged utterances, Sometimes last month, Kenyans on twitter were forced to show solidarity with him through the hashtag #NyakundiIsClean after a controversial tweet made in the verge of late 2013 emerged allegedly with his twitter handle @C_NyaKundiH as the author.

He vehemently denied the claims within the tweet and rejected its ownership. The tweet post had suggested the chasing away of all the Kenyans of Somali origin so as to have peace in Kenya. Nyakundi’s online defense also attracted senators and parliamentarians such Bonnie Khalwale. Many of those in defense of the blogger claimed that the government of Kenya was out to witch hunt Nyakundi over his constant attacks on them. They blamed government’s digital team for applying a dubious means in dealing with those who do not agree with their activities. During the same week, Nyakundi had created and made an anti William Ruto hashtag to trend for almost 24 hours on twitter.

The court granted Safaricom its request that the blogger be compelled to put to a halt and pull down the posts he has already published concerning the telco company on his blog. Kenyans are still waiting to see whether the JKUAT student will pull down his posts and prepare for a heated legal battle with one of the most coveted and celebrated company in the World, Safaricom company limited.

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