Samsung Care Offers Technical Assistance at University of Eldoret


Samsung a tech giant in the field of mobile technology, last week started a mobile clinic at University of Eldoret to offer support to students’ gadgets. Samsung has offered this support since Tuesday.

Students are able to ask or inquire about their gadgets and get customized support for their gadgets. Students with smartphones with broken screens have gone to the mobile clinic to get support and advice on how much they need to replace the screens.

However the amount that they charge for the replacement of the screens has been much for the students. York instance a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen can be replaced only if you give out more than 12000 Kenya shillings. Is this really what it should be? A Samsung Galaxy Trend screen replacement done at Kshs. 5,500.

I thought that the company would do a much better plan and help these poor guys who used their HELB money to acquire these gadgets. And since now HELB is not around replacing them seems a nightmare. Sincerely speaking how can you replace a phone screen using Kshs. 12000? I would rather buy another gadget and awesome smartphone in the market now than make myself more poorer by replacing a broken screen.

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samsungSimple gadgets the likes of Pocket and the GSM Edge internet phones are the ones that have had a better deal. Those with phones that need to venye flashed have had it done for them. But I don’t think anyone has done a screen replacement as per my knowledge.

I once had a gadget which I was to to replace the screen I needed 3k and having purchased it at 7k I decided to keep it in my gadget library because that is really too much. Often you you got other priorities other than your phone. As long as the gadget works well and fine I don’t see why I should spend thousands to replace the broken screen.

Anyway that said I am glad that  they have decided to move around institutions to check on students’ gadgets and offer the much needed help to the major smartphone owner population in the world now. The mobile clinic is a better initiative to get to the customers and offer much needed technical assistance to their market.



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