Schools and Churches to Reopened Soon, Uhuru Kenyatta Says

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the Ministry of Education fast track the consultation process and document ways through which the children will be kept safe from Coronavirus when the schools reopen.

The president noted that the country is undergoing a difficult moment and that some of the measures are hindering freedoms of Kenyans. He said that the government is looking for ways to open up the economy and ensure that both parents and children are safe as the pandemic spreads across the country.

Uhuru also noted that since the country is a God fearing nation, the government has directed the Ministry of interior to come up with protocols that will ensure that once the churches are opened, there will be proper measures that will be taken to ensure that worshipers are kept safe and sound.

Earlier, the President had noted that the country cannot continue to set strict measures as the disease is already with us and might last longer than anticipated.

His new directives means that schools and churches might be opened in a month or a few weeks. The Ministry of education had however noted last week that children will not be rushed back to school and might even stay home till next year to guarantee their safety.

Universities and colleges have also called to the government to exempt them from reopening till September of next year January when they shall have come up with proper containment measures for the populace.

Elsewhere in Tanzania, President Magufuli has today reopened schools, colleges and Universities. He had promised to do so in a few days when he documented controversies surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Magufuli is also looking forward to allowing sports to continue in the country.



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