Security Beefed up at Kimathi University Over Suspected Impending Terror Attack


The Al-Qaida linked Al-Shabaab have in the past shown growing interest in targeting soft spots. This has always been referred to as cowardly acts and the national government through the intelligence units, the national police and other security stakeholders has shown great interest in protecting their students. The university administration, staff and students also have a role to play. That is being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activities to the police for action to be taken.

Following this the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology has not been left aside. Beginning from the April 27, 2015 business has not been usual in the school entrance. Not everyone can enter the university without strict scrutiny of the security personnel at all the school gates. This follows a scare over the past weekend that left most students panicking with some fearing to even spend the night at the school hostels

A notice to all notice boards from the vice chancellor prof. Paul Ndirangu Kioni dated 25th April reads “following the recent attack on Garissa university, The management of Dedan Kimathi University of technology has resolved to enhance security in our campus. Access to the university will be restricted to gates for the benefit of all members of the university community with effect from 25th April 2015” read part of the notice

The notice further gives measures taken by the university to ensure safety of the students, staff and property is guaranteed. Measures include inspection of students, staff as they enter the university, use of school id and staff id to access offices and services for students and staff respectively. A thorough inspection of vehicles is also in place for vehicles entering the school

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Students have also been provided with hotline numbers to call in case any suspicious persons or activities are spotted. The contacts include those of university security officer, dean of students, school medical Centre and that of the university chaplain

The measures come in place as two important events are upcoming in the university including the beautification of Sister Irene in the mid may where about three hundred thousand people are expected to attend and the 3rd graduation of students the same month

In spite of the measures it’s the responsibility of all individuals to ensure they take vigilance measures for themselves and those of their friends



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