SEKU Students Surviving on Gambling Business

A group of students gambling over the weekend at SEKU

By Peter Maingi

Over the weekend, every university student do tend to spend his/her leisure time enjoying to do what he/she likes most. Some spend it watching movies, others playing and sporting,hiking,listening to music, browsing and what a few. Here in SEKU leisure time is well spend by either making money or loosing it by most male students.Am sure everyone have ever gambled at one point, this come in mind when I recall Sportpesa which is a silent gamble game.

Sportpesa is being unsure of whom you are gambling with. Here in SEKU, male student have viewed it differently and have so far come up with gambling tools in form of cards. With the cards, comrades exercise different form of plays namely “kata” , ” fuata” or “maua” . They do it by placing a certain amount of cash as agreed preferably ksh 100 then the word ‘ita’ is shouted in the air. That word is ones call for his or her favorite number after shuffling the cards. To my surprise once your number appears first, your amount of cash on bet is lost. Yes, this is gambling in SEKU.

A group of students gambling over the weekend at SEKU
After close interaction with so many of them , they told me that this is more vivid to them rather than placing a bet in Sportpesa. Others said that it has been their pleasure to play cards and at the same time one can make money depending on the which side of the bed he woke up from on that day.The playing ground is found at a very conducive and strategic place. Always located in one of the modern building named ‘magic’ to portray its occupants, the magicians or gamblers of SEKU.

On further interrogation on whether the school administration was aware of their existence and if it was against gambling the students responded that, to them it appears as part of entertainment and leisure as there are always spectators feeling good and enthusiastic. They added that the administration cannot infringe on their rights of entertainment.

There is even pool table next to the card playing ground which is there not only for leisure purposes but also a money making tool to the superb ones who did very well in angles and vectors back in high school.



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