Shock as a 5th Year Engineering Student at Egerton Allegedly Attempts to Rape a Fresher


After the gender day awareness celebrations at the graduation square on Saturday,it was assumed that every comrade around had learnt a thing or two On Gender and sexual violence. Assumptions though like they say is the mother of failure,that same evening in one of the rooms in Barret,the unexpected happened.A first year allegedly almost got raped by one Ericko,a fifth year engineering student

The lady(Cyril) was having good time in her room,together with her roomate. They were killing time,chatting when the door to their room was flung open. In came a comrade ,he went straight to Cyril and instantly started harassing her demanding for sex

” I go for what i want. Unadhani ni nini umebeba wasichana wengine hawana”,the guy said as he lowered his trouser.

It was at this point when Cyril’s roomie decided to scream. Her efforts through did not go far. The guy threatened to beat her up and she had to keep calm.

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As Cyril narrates,she had met Ericko on her first day at Egerton university,during admission. The guys showed her mother and her directions and led them to her room. From then ,he has always been a bother to Cyril. He once found her playing soccer at the pavilion and ordered her out of the pitch

“Mschana nataka hafai kucheza Mpira” Cyril recalls his sentiments.

Cyril then decided to give him a cold shoulder treatment from then.Things have changed,the good Samaritan has changed and his true colours are now out.

When things seem to be taking a different turn,only the scared Roomie would save Cyril. She decided to call out for help,the man hurried dressed up and left.The fact that he already know Cyril’s Room is another thing that sends chills down the spine of the young Faculty of Education student. Perhaps he would come back when she is all alone in the room. Perhaps he would come back armed with a knife or worse than that.

Engineering students were sent home over accreditation issues. ‘Ericko’ decided to stick around harassing Innocent souls and making them uncomfortable even in their own rooms.Relevant authorities should react on this and ensure ‘Ericko’ and many more of his type are weeded out and appropriate measures are taken to see that every student is at peace in his/her hostel.

As Magazine Reel we wish Cyril quick recovery from the trauma and ask all the ladies to lock their rooms all the time. If they must welcome somebody in,let them be sure of his/her identity .

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  1. As One Of The First Year Rep In Fedcos Let Me Condem Such Vice Dat Is Aim At Degrading Our Ladies And Security Officers Mst Up Their Game

  2. This confused ericko as we are talking should be in sell.
    How can you demand sex?.. if that lady had refused to accept him, he should have QUITE, and desist from going to her room.
    na kwani security walikua wapi???

  3. that is so inhuman n hard to believe I think the security department should deal with this matter urgently such barbaric behaviour should stop as can lead to insecurity of the ladies at Egerton

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