Shocking Behind Scenes Revelation at Egerton University Hostels


Hello! and welcome to this week’s edition of Friday briefing here on Magazine Reel, the best news site ever. Hope you had a great, fruitful week .

Well, For the last two weeks Magazine Reel went deep into the hostels of Egerton University to unravel the happenings in there both during the day and at night, senior reporter Caleb Koyo has been on the ground all this time and he now files you this shocking revelations .welcome and let’s take Friday briefing on the road.

The task was to find out which hostel records the highest number of sexual intercourse during the day.

Ladies from which hostel like the act during the day, the number of students missing lectures in a day because of sex and lastly roughly how many students are exiled from their rooms both during the day and at night.

The investigations took a period of two weeks, in the first week; we managed to compile the results for the first two tasks on the notebook. That of noting which hostel records the highest number of sex instances during the day and the ladies hostel that produces the highest number of daytime sex addicts at Egerton University.

First week.

Armed with one of the key functions of the press, the surveillance function and a few tips from our sources plus a personal experience having lived within campus during my first year at Egerton university

and specifically, Ruwenzori hostels, once again I was on a return mission to Ruwenzori, this time not to grab some sleep but to do a story going blanket on all the Ruwenzori hostels.

Ruwenzori records the highest number of sex instances during the day between 10-1 pm and between 4-7pm in the evening, between ten to one, most residents are in for lectures and it’s when the lovebirds’ can find peace for this act which needs no stress at all.

John Gido,not his real names stands in front of Ruwenzori block 45,he has just come from Chem- block where the lecturer has failed to turn up, he has knocked the door to his room without a response, you need no experts to tell you what’s going on in there, only the silent screams that comes out through the cracked door.

Between 4 and 7pm, most students are out for games, walks if not Shopping at Njokerio,its this time the lovebirds sneak in for a quickie.

Second on this segment on the ladies that records the highest number of sex addicts during the day.

On this, I shifted gears to Old Hall. Most ladies addicted to daytime sex reside in old hall, a report confirmed by the same men who hosts them during the day. Out of five ladies in Ruwenzori during the day, three are from old hall, statistics that puts them far above Taifa and Mama ngina hostels which stands second with two ladies each.

Second week.

The second week marked the homestretch of my investigation. With two tasks remaining, that of unraveling the rough estimate of students missing lectures due to daytime sex addiction and those exiled from their rooms at night in a situation where a roommate brings in his lass.

On missing lectures, Ruwenzori again comes in followed by Mombasa, with Ruwenzori topping the list of the day time sex addicts, it automatically records the most absentees in the lecture rooms followed by Mombasa hostels which has had a bad history ranging from drug addiction to theft.

The second and the final task and also the most interesting bit of my investigation, the night time exiles.

Majority of the stranded comrades at night comes from Tatton, eldoret hostels, when night falls and you stay out till 8, be sure of sleeping at your friends place because there is a chick in your room. With the cold tatton environment, most ladies visit their men in the evening s hoping to grab some warmth only to end up sticking till the next day. Out of ten exiled men, six are freshmen who are automatically exiled by their fellow freshmen!.

Well, with that final bit from Tatton, we come to the end of Friday briefing, investigative segment today, let’s do this again next week, same place. Remember you can follow this conversation all through @KoyoOdongo and @Magazine reel.




  1. Caleb ur a hater! Dnt u ever find anything positive 2 say abt egerton? N u dnt hve a right 2 say stuff lyk that wen u haven’t been 2 all campuses in kenya, trust me were nt that bad, u rily piss me!

  2. Caleb just did this one .This is the ukweli happening at egerton.What i have come to note is that ladies hate the truth.Nice one bro#Fridaybriefing

  3. Hii ni news.Na maboy si pia tumetajwa mbaya sana but hatujapiga kelele ju ni ukweli.Madem na feelings zenyu ndogo ndogo pelekeni Kwa tutoek!!!.nice Job caleb,acha nikopy hio hash tag hapo juu #Fridaybriefing.

  4. Hehehee,am an NTCC guy but i usually visit my boy in njoro,taton to be specific
    All this story is true,they iron themselves proper

  5. Well i would believe your statistics if you also mentioned buruburu,holywood,lavington,runda,marish,tsavo,gate and njokerio.,,the fact that the time u spent in egerton was during your freshman year explains why 70% of your stats are on Ruwenzori,nice Try Anyway.

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