Who Is A Socialite?


According to Wisegeek, a socialite is a person who spends much of their time arranging or participating in social events. While they are not compensated monetarily for their efforts, socialites may receive payment in other forms, such as increased respect or reputation among their peers. Socialites are usually fairly wealthy by independent means, as they must have time and resources to devote to their social activities.

socialiteFor example, Kelly Bensimon is a popular Hollywood socialite. She is known as a former model, author, magazine editor, celebrity ambassador, and jewelry designer. Lauren Katherine Conrad is another American socialite who is a television personality, author, and fashion designer. Who has not heard of the Kardashian sisters? They are known all over the world not for their talents but for their reality series, product endorsements, fashion lines, public appearances, and tabloid controversies.  Paris Hilton is another socialite who turned her antics into a personal lucrative business empire with products carrying her name, public appearances, and other endorsements.

Looking at the few examples of socialites listed above, it is clear that all of them have got a career attached to their names. The careers include fashion designer, author, actor, TV personality, models, just to mention but a few. Some of them take advantage of their popularity to create controversies, while some use their popularity to impact positively in their society.

Coming closer home, we also have a list of our own version of socialites. Some of them include; Vera Sidika, Shiro Waruinge, Pendo, Huddah Munroe, Risper Faith  and many more. Vera Sidika shot into fame after the Video of P-Unit’s song “You Guy” was aired in various media houses. To be precise, her booty which she was shaking in the video is what shot her to fame. Immediately after that, she was branded a socialite by the social media. I have tried to find out what her profession is  to no avail. Is she really a socialite? Be the judge.

Another so called “socialite” is Huddah Munroe who shot into fame after posting her nude photos in the social media.  Some of them were aired in Big Brother Africa which is a reality show in which she was a contestant. Am yet to know her profession. Pendo also shot to fame after her sex scandal with Willy Paul.    The latest entrant in the list is Risper Faith. There is nothing special she did apart from displaying her booty to us in the social media. From this trend, it seems Kenya’s definition of a socialite is different from the mainstream definition.

According to Kenyans, a socialite is any beautiful lady who decides to display her nude photos for public consumption when she discovers that there is actually nothing between her ears. In the long run they end up being famous because we consume everything that they give us. We buy the magazines that feature them, we watch the music that features them, we listen to the trash they blubber, we comment on their embarrassing posts in the social media and yet we claim to dislike their lifestyles. When we overlook their immoral attention seeking stunts, they’ll fade in thin air and the real socialites will come up. Otherwise at this rate, I won’t be surprised to hear my daughter say “I would like to be a Kenyan socialite when I grow up.”




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