SOMU POLITICS: Why Mark Wasungu Might Win in the Health, Environment And Catering Docket


Students Organisation of Maseno University (SOMU) elections set to occur this week is regarded to be one of the hotly contested. According to his manifesto, Mark Wasungu still stands as the ideal figure for health, environment and catering docket. This is also after three of his opponents, Macawino, Maxwell Onyango, and Nelson Mandela agreed to step down in his favor. It’s like Wasungu’s campaign slogan, “the new deal,” seems much robust for them as the the only remaining candidate is said to be planning to capitulate out of the race as well. This will undoubtedly let him cling the docket unopposed.

wasungu“Comrades are just waiting to confirm him and majority believe he is ordained by gods,” says Milka Wabwire, a 2nd year student.

This could be confirming the reliance that Maseno comrades have bestowed in Wasungu’s “new deal.” Others believe that the health docket can best be handled by a Medical student and if this is the criterion for the docket head, then Wasungu is the man to beat.

As Mercy Kerubo, a third year puts it, “Wasungu is the best for health since with his knowledge in health, he can serve better than other candidates. I owe him my vote.”

The SOMU elections are schedules to take place on 18th of November. The date was changed following a rampage that resulted in temporal closure of the institution for a period of nearly a month. Despite this, the candidates for various SOMU posts have continued to get in touch with the electorates through the social media.

With his agenda focusing on environment, health care services and clean water, he seems to have targeted the core needs of comrades as these are where the challenges are embedded in the institution.

“All Leadership is influence,” yes, he seems to have gathered the vast majority behind him and with this, Mark Wasungu proves to be the man to watch, the ideal figure for environment, health and catering docket in SOMU politics.





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