SOMU’s Mark Wasungu Launches A Major Anti Drug campaign


Student’s Organization of Maseno University (SOMU) held a major seminar that saw the launch of an anti drug abuse campaign among the University students. Under the leadership of Mark Wasungu, the SOMU director of Health, Environment and Catering, the topics covered during the seminar included;drug and alcohol abuse, causes of drug abuse, effects of drug abuse, preventive strategies to drug and alcohol abuse, as well as drug addiction treatment in Kenya.


Organized in coordination with the illustrious National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA), its injunction was to carry out public education on alcohol and drug abuse as well as coordination and facilitation of public participation in the control of alcohol and drug abuse. Some of the distinguished guests in attendance were the Dean, and deputy director of students affairs who expressed their applaud for the occasion.

Mark Wasungu, the SOMU director of Health, Environment and Catering

Reporting to Magazine reel after the occasion, the student leader Wasungu says the campaign will go along way in seeing the reduction of the number of students already ensnared in drug and alcohol addiction and those who might think of engaging in drug abuse. He added that addressing drug and alcohol abuse among students remain an overriding issue due to the implication of the early substance dependence  on the future of the youth.

The Health, Environment and Catering docket has so far proven to be one of the most active among others in the Students Organization of Maseno University. A fact that has led to Wasungu being described as ‘overworking’ and ‘one of the most influential student leaders of our time’. Tittle-tattle has it that comrades are already pressurizing his to vie for SOMU presidency in the next academic year.





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