SONU Campaigns Heats up UoN’s Lower Kabete Campus as Students Scramble for Babu Owino’s ‘Lunch’

Babu Owino, SONU Chairman - Addressing Students & Journalists
Babu Owino, SONU Chairman

Students at UON Lower Kabete campus are ardently active waiting for the SONU elections, this time with bated breath. The students contending for various post have come out in large numbers but the question in context “who will win?” The competition seems to be so stiff, unlike today’s expected election there has always been a tangle between students. The elections are expected to kick off in two weeks time. The outgoing campus representative Moses Wanjala, who has served to his best, has urged students to keep calm and avoid being deceived by the fellow comrades on whom to vote.

The rumors have it that Avidan who is contending frantically for the campus representative has developed strategies that will see him win. In contrast to the rumors, his ally Kivungo who has the same thirst for the post is not willing to give up. Everything goes by the theme “big balls kende” which means only big people and Kivungo believes he’s one and foremost. The contestants are seen struggling but their trepidation can be understood, they all want to win. Like they say, lofty dreams are not bad we believe a man can try.

The SONU chairperson, Babu Owino recently paid a visit at UON Lower Kabete campus. His appearance was abrupt and unexpected; this made students throng the yard to catch a glimpse of him. With the aid of the chief security he was escorted around the school premises. His visit was pretty much condoned, though at the end, money being the root to all evil everything came to a standstill. Some students scrambled for money left by Babu Owino to cater for lunch. Some went to the extent of boarding a bus in a bid to escape the feud.

All in all comrades’ power still reigns, this year SONU election is expected to be free and fair. The stipulated time of elections are hoped not to interfere with coming final exams. All candidates for SONU are expected to adhere to laws of election to avoid cut off in participation.




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