Sponsors Aside, this is What Your Child goes through in Campus

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It is every parents’ dream that their children join university for higher learning and have a better career.

But not all parents are aware of what their daughter and sons go through in their four academic years.


Yeah, this is a taboo within our communities but it is an upcoming trend in the universities. Gay acts and lesbianism are practised in the normal dating life. Peer pressure and lack of proper guidance take the larger part of the blame. But who knows the sexuality of his or her son? I guess all parents assume this in the name of “concentrate on your studies”

Use of long term contraceptives

This goes for campus ladies who are sexually active. Use of condoms has become hectic and ‘not sweet’. This has led to the use of long term contraceptives; injections, copper IUDs and coils. Daughters to hopeful moms will then engage in unprotected sex with many partners in the name of enjoying life. After all campus kids fear pregnancy than AIDS.


This is not a new lifestyle among the young adults in a campus. Both the girls and boys will have individual serene time to enjoy a moment with their bodies masturbating in fear of having a spouse as advised by the parents. This is not acceptable according to our ethics and has been put on the low regardless of how fast it is becoming rampant in universities.

These issues have not been well catered for in terms of sex education leaving innocent young adults in life dilemmas.



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