SportPesa asks Kenyan Gamblers if ‘Wananyonya’ as Depicted by Propesa Sensation

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The biggest betting company in Kenya has taken a swipe at Kenyans with their joke spread across all their social media platforms. SportPesa attracted a huge audience through their twitter handle when they posted a message asking Kenyan gamblers if they really milk people dry as claimed by a comedy sensational group Propesa.

“Sisi Tunanyonya? Sisi? (sic). We milk dry? Really?” SportPesa posted with a funnily designed image on Twitter.

Propesa, a team of four comedians who in the recent weeks have taken Kenyans with a joke storm sometime last year introduced a funny poem titled ‘SportPesa inanyonya’. According to one of the narrators of the poem, SportPesa makes people get into useless debts and end up grabbing all the money by luring people to place bets on their site. The poem depicted a clear picture among gamblers who have in time and again been let down by only a single team from a multibet ticket.

“Ukikitana na Ptangus, kila saa ni game moja tu ndio imeniua, SportPesa Inanyonya” Propesa depicts in one of the stanzas.

SportPesa were forced to lower their minimum betting amount to 49 shillings from 100 shillings late last year after the entry of Betway who lowered there minimum amount to 10 shillings and Betin who have been on a 50 shillings minimum betting amount since their launch in Kenya.

Members of the parliament have already presented a bill to the floor of the house seeking to control the highly growing betting industry in Kenya. The sponsor of the bill, deputy minority leader Jakoyo Midiwo is said to be championing the capping of the betting amounts and introducing levy charges to every ticket won by an individual. The bill has attracted a spirited fight from the betting industry giants with SportPesa being forced to give an official statement over the issue.

SportPesa claims that it has provided several Kenyans with job opportunities and are nurturing talents across the country. They also cited their sponsorship to the local football clubs participating in the Kenya Premier league and the National League. SportPesa is also one of the sponsors of Hull city Football club in the English Premier League. They have also partnered with Arsenal Football club.

According to you comrade, SportPesa Inanyonya Kweli?, Imekunyonya ngapi since you joined the platform? Share with us the details via the comment box below or via our twitter handle @MagazineReel.



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