SportPesa Mega Jackpot worth Kshs102M Almost Won

SportPesa Mega Jackpot

Last week’s SportPesa Mega Jackpot was almost won though it had very difficult picks that resulted in so many draw outcomes. The Jackpot worth 102 million shillings had about 4 picks result in a draw back to back. Jackpots are generally very difficult to predict but the MJP went above board.

However, several individuals still managed to take home good amounts from their combinations. This came hot in the heals of another huge win by a 45 year old businessman from Embakasi who took home more than 12 million shillings in the Midweek Jackpot after correcting predicting 13 games listed. In the MJP, there are individuals who only missed 3 hence took home more than half a million shillings each. Others also managed 13 and 12 out of the possible 17 correct predictions.

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The last time the SportPesa Mega Jackpot was won is two years ago by a Kibera resident Mr. Gordon Ogada. He took home more than 230 million shillings. Another individual known as Samwel Abisai also took home 208 million shillings and was the first ever to take home such an amount from betting.

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Now clocking in about a month after its relaunch, the MJP is climbing steadily and this week’s will probably be set at about 104 million shillings. Thousands of Kenyans are each day working very hard to join the list of the two previous winners and change their lives permanently. There are also others who have been able to take home more than 10 million shillings just by coming close to winning it.

There are other top firms such Betika, keen on ensuring that they divide the Mega Jackpot market with SportPesa. Though not yet won, Betika Grand Jackpot also features 17 games and is worth 100 million shillings. Betika however, also awards individuals unable to get even a single of the listed games correctly. The best loser takes home 5 million shillings each week. People rallied SportPesa towards such an initiative but it never materialized. The first week of its launch saw more than 350 people score a 0/17 and each took home about 13,000 shillings.

Many are asking themselves how they can be able to fall in line and win atleast a bonus from either SportPesa or Betika. You can try your luck in the SportPesa Mid-week Jackpot worth 100 million. It kicks off each midweek including this week. You can also strategically keep an eye on the two bigger Jackpots, GJP or MJP and try them out over the weekend. Probably, you might end up as the best loser and take home 5 million shillings or hit 17/17 and be the one to usher in the new year with more than 100 million shillings in your pocket.

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Now that you have your eyes set on the ball, winning is not a walk in the park. Those who have been able to take home something will tell you that they tried and mostly failed before finding the right strategy. Some used hundreds of thousands to reach to where they are right now. Some lost even a million shillings in betting for the Jackpot before enjoying the first bonus. But how about if we told you that you can do it differently, use their strategies and still win with little money?

Here is how…..

There are two ways to go about it. Do it seriously and as a business alone or invest in a tipstar firm and banked your luck on them each week.

The first choice will mean doing everything from following individual teams and players to games and leagues on your own, analysing results and coming up with possible narratives before settling on a predictable outcome. You will need several hours of doing such hard intelligent work or you can simply choose to guess your picks and wait for Santa to join you with your luck. Going for this option has its advantages and disadvantages too. One advantage is that, you will not spend additional money aside from the stake while the disadvantage is that, you will probably wait long enough for Santa to respond, it might take so many years before you set foot on your first bonus. The timeframe will therefore mean that you’ll keep on losing your stake each week.

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You could go for tips star platforms with authoritative results as an alternative though. Such platforms and so many and spread out across the country and therefore you must be careful not to fall in the wrong hands. Some of the top sites include Sahihi Bet which has been operating for more than four years now. And with a physical office, there business could be a proof that you’ll take little time if any to land your first Jackpot bonus with them.

Joining such sites however has some implications. First, you’ll need to take betting as a business or a side hustle and will therefore need money otherwise known as the Investment capital. For Sahihi Bet, Your Investment Capital should be 1500 shillings. The site will need you subscribe to the Jackpot plan offered at a cost of 1300 shillings each week. This will give you access to combinations for both SportPesa and Betika Jackpots each week. The remaining 200 shillings is meant to be used as your stake for the week. The best thing with such an arrangement is that the platform ensures that the combination they give is guaranteed to win you a bonus, therefore getting money for the next week becomes easy and you don’t dig deeper into your pocket. The combinations are sent out immediately an individual makes payment and goes directly as SMS to his or her phone.

Need to Subscribe to Sahihi Bet’s Jackpot Plan? Here how to do it

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Navigate to Lipa na MPESA
  3. Select Buy goods and services
  4. Enter Till: 5266471
  5. Amount: 1300
  6. Enter MPESA pin and send

To book this week’s Jackpots both for Betika and SportPesa, make payments through the above process. You can also get in touch to Sahihi Bet via sms or calls to 0758271865.



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