St Paul’s University BBIT Graduate now a Street boy due to Lack of Employment


A BBIT graduate from St Paul’s university has shocked many within Nairobi. Vincent Omondi, a young lad who graduated in 2012 now lives in the streets of Nairobi as a street boy. He says that he has never been given a chance by any employer to work and be paid in any firm or company.

Recent reports show that the rate of unemployment in Kenya is at its all time high. This is said to be manifested through the huge percentage of youths who lack employment yet qualify. Many graduates are nowadays seen along busy streets and highways carrying placards asking for jobs. Many though cannot take such drastic measures and are either languishing in poverty or involved in illegal matters.

For Omondi, he only worked as an intern at Nakumatt Supermarket for a 3 month period. The evidently bright Omondi also told the News Desk that he had dropped more than 1000 application letters to different offices but non secured him a job. He said that most Human Resource Managers in different companies do not care about certificates or level of experience that one has but how deep he or she can dig inside his or her pockets.

Citing corruption as one of the factors that is affecting the youth today, Omondi said that the corrupt both in government and in private sector had rendered his hopes useless and ruined his bright future. He told the News desk that contrary to what many believe when they see a seemingly dirty person on the streets of Nairobi, he doesn’t take drugs and is a true believer of God.

Asked how he finds food to eat, Omondi said that he has been working in Gikomba market on daily basis but sometimes he goes without a single job for a month. He says that he has been working hard to ensure that he accumulates enough money to help him get out of the streets but because he currently has no one and no where to head to, he prefers sleeping in pavements during the night.

He didn’t want to talk about his parents and preferred to keep the matter private. Omondi says that If his other counterpart from Egerton university who is out to bid his kidney for a job succeeds then he will also offer his to any willing buyer so as to regain his dream.



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