State House Deletes Photos Showing DP Ruto attending Cabinet Meeting Yesterday

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Kenyan’s have raised concerns after photos taken during a Cabinet meeting and uploaded to State House’s social media platforms on Thursday, March 19, were deleted.

In the images seen by MRDeputy President William Ruto was seated on the right-hand side at the meeting that was chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Questions have been raised in the past after it had been established that the DP had allegedly not attended seemingly important meetings, with members of the public asking about his absence especially at a time the country was facing a potentially devastating public health crisis.

All these emanating from arguments that matters of national importance were being communicated to the public in his absence, and allegedly, without his knowledge.

A dive into the thread after the images were uploaded showed that Kenyans expressed their joy at DP Ruto being present

“When God’s intervention is needed and when in a serious situation, our DP is sought. But when dinning, others are called upon,” one Karoki stated.

“So Glad to see uncle William Samoei Ruto, you can’t win without this man in this fight. Peace of mind is a vaccine to Corona,” Abbas Omar added.

Several other remarks by netizens referred to the DP as the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya, noting it was time they heard him address the nation.

“At least I can see Dr W.S. Ruto, the man who has the heart of most Kenyans, he who has defied the odds of the dynasties and the unending frustrations to still remain the number two of this country,” Mwenda wa Munyambu remarked.

“Cameraman, we need a nice pic, a clear pic for our beloved deputy president,” Njoroge Chege commented, in reference to an image which showed a side from the DP.

“Happy to see doctor there, we are waiting for his state address,” Sam Muteti added.

It did not take long for netizens to realise the images had been pulled down, not long after they had been posted. This resulted in Kenyans castigating State House for the act.

A number argued as to whether it was DP Ruto’s presence and how people had warmed up to him that made State House delete the images.

“Uhuru Kenyatta and State House should be ashamed of deleting a post that has shown how unpopular you are getting with the people. William Ruto is just a different league,” Mwenda wa Munyambu remarked.

“So you deleted the picture and assume no one saw it? We have it,” Oriop Lang’at stated.

On March 13, DP Ruto was absent at the National Security Council (NSC) meeting that was chaired by President Kenyatta, something that raised eyebrows since he was also not part of a briefing of the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus that was held on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

Both are meetings of national significance in which the DP’s presence is required.

In the recent past, reports of the so-called ‘system’ emerged and the deputy president’s allies alleged that the government was working to isolate Ruto.

This had further built up on alleged reports that the relationship between President Kenyatta and his deputy was deteriorating.




  1. Do has no respect for his boss he should have pesience wait for President’s term to end not starting his campaign immediately after the election

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