Student Leaders eye Parliamentary Seats ahead of 2017 Polls

Student leaders
Armstrong Aballa with his supporters

“Leadership is inborn, it’s not something to acquire along the way” says critics of hypocrisy towards Kenyan leaders today, especially to the legislatures.

In regard to this, it makes me wonder, are student leaders in campuses and colleges born leaders or are they elected due to their popularity and the size of their “wealth” as it is the case with our legislatures?

Fifty years down the line after Kenya obtained her independence, the leadership style has grown gradually from a one party state to multi-party and just recently from a one government state to a devolved system of government after the passing of the new constitution in 2010.This, opening many doors for leadership positions!

Among the doors opened, are those of the Country Representatives and County Ward Representatives which from the previous elections, they drew heavy interest among campus leaders. This has contributed to the strengthening of students organizations, in which most of them are politically driven!

Leadership with a fresh blood
William khaemba and Armstrong Aballa both third year students and opinion leaders of the Kenya Institute of Mas Communication (KIMC) have come out openly and expressed their interests in vying for the county ward representatives seats back in the counties ahead of the 2017 polls.

Khaemba has expressed interest in the Kabunyefwe /Naitiri ward of Bungoma County. To champion for his interest he has for the past one year been campaigning and trying to convince his constituents using a facebook platform christened Tongaren constituency network.

Student leaders
Armstrong Aballa with his supporters
“I believe it is time for us young people to rise up and challenge the current leadership of the country, which is full of corrupt old guards and politicians who have no interest of Kenyans at heart. It is time that a new blood takes over power and implements the new constitution inline with the millennium development goals (MDGs) and vision 2030 of this country” says khaemba during an interview with Magazine reel

On the other hand, Aballa is aspiring to vie for the North Seme ward of Kisumu County. Aballa, a vibrant debater and blogger can be compared to the current CORD patron Raila Odinga or the national assembly minority leader Jakoyo Midiwo.

Speaking to Magazine reel, Aballa said, he is motivated by the fact that Kenyans are yet to enjoy the full force of freedom in their own land due to the current corrupt batch of leaders

“Kenyans are yet to get their freedom, the freedom to be treated fairly and with just! I am interested in bringing this into place by doing away with all self-centered and tribal driven leaders. This will be the only way to heal our nation from the cancer of corruption” added the former aspirant for the KIMC Trainees Board organizations Finance docket.

Other students known to show interest in the parliamentary positions include; Patrick Rianga of Moi University, who has shown interest for the Nyaribari Chache Constituency, Robert Brown Kenyando of the university of Nairobi, who has shown interest in the Borabu Constituency and the current Student Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) President Babu Owino who had earlier shown interest and even vied for the Westlands parliamentary seat.

Professional Take

In an exclusive interview with a Nairobi based Political analyst, Joshua Komen, he said the current state of the nation as far as leadership is concerned needs young and energetic leaders.

“Young people especially from campuses are the ones who harbor capacity, latest knowledge on ICT and more energy to run up and down in ensuring that the economic, political and social angles are well balanced to provide a safer environment for Kenyans” Said Komen.

Komen emphasized that leadership among young people is mostly instigated by what they see and hear from the current leaders. He added that it only takes a strong heart and a courageous man to face the challenges that comes along with the pressure of leadership.

These leaders have vowed to tighten their belts and face the old guards come 2017!



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