Student who Hid Bhang in her Innerwear now Wants 5M Compensation


The form four student who was found with bhang hidden in her innerwear and sentenced to probation now wants to sue police for the manner in which she was handled.

The teenager at the center of the students who were arrested in a Nairobi bound bus smoking bhang and behaving indecently says she will be seeking KSh 5 million compensation from the police.

Gladys Wamaitha, the student’s lawyer said they will be petitioning Inspector General of Police and Director of Public Prosecution over the manner in which police handled her.

The girl was found with six rolls of bhang hidden in her underwear when a bus they were travelling in was intercepted by police in Kirinyaga on August 5, 2015.

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Nude and semi-nude photos of the girl went viral on social media after police allegedly forced her to pose for the photos after she was arrested.

The photos caused an uproar with Kenyan’s condemning the manner in which police handled the girls without any regard to her privacy.

“Did the search that was conducted on her meet the provisions of the law with respects to searching a female and a young girl,” Wamaitha is quoted by Capital FM.

The police officer who took the nude photos was interdicted and investigations are underway to establish other officers that were involved.

Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) also expressed concern in the manner in which police abused the students’ constitutional rights when they were arrested.




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