Students Cry Foul as HELB Application Deadline Approaches

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University students in Kenya have raised voices over disbursement crisis facing the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

The board which is the main financier of university students education in the country have for the past three months been under heat with students threatening to ensure that the board members are sacked.

First year students have for the past three weeks raised concerns over the board’s speed in processing their forms of application.

“They said that we will get the finances at the beginning of October but funnily we are almost towards the end of November with nothing in our bank accounts”, Mr Francis Mbugua, a first year bachelor of commerce student at Kisii University lamented.

studentsThe board yesterday announced that application and submission of forms should be done before deadline day to minimize errors students make when filling the forms.

The deadline which is set as 1st December 2014 has only left the students with less than a week to finalize their submissions.

Earlier last week two students from Egerton university were shot dead in a mistaken identity incident in Nairobi. The students had traveled to the city to process HELB forms at the boards offices when they met with the disaster.

Students through their leaders yesterday issued a one week ultimatum to the country’s Inspector General Mr. Kimaiyo to provide them with a conclusive report concerning their fellow students murder. They said that they will call for demonstrations all over the country if nothing will have been done by then.

The student leaders also asked their main financier to ensure that they made it easy for students to process their forms without having to travel to Nairobi.

“HELB and Mr Ringera should come up with ways of ensuring that comrades get their funds within the shortest time possible and come up with an online mode of solving crisis when a need arises”, Babu Owino who is the current university of Nairobi student organization chairperson argued.

“The funds should also be increased to ensure that they match with the current state of affairs in the country”, the flamboyant chair added.

First year students particularly from Egerton university said that some of them have been forced to defer their studies due to the delays experienced in the funds disbursement. They called on the board and the government to prioritize education even in their annual budget.



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