Students in 66 Campuses Yet to Receive Helb Loan


As other students celebrate over the disbursement of Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) loans, some are still sleeping angry.

Some students have not received loan since last week Friday when the board announced that it had credited accounts for all students who had applied for subsequent loans.

“Is the loan meant for some specific students? Some of us have not received any coin in our accounts and we are wondering which criteria was used to give loans. Some students received money as early as last week Friday before noon while some of us are still sleeping angry,” Gedion Kirui, a second year student said adding that he has no pocket money and he has been depending on friends to provide him with food.

Even as some students are complaining about failure by Helb board to credit their accounts, some have finished money they were given on Friday.

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“These things are interesting. Imagine I have finished the money while some people have not received theirs,” Eli Odhiambo said. He said he went to a club in town on Friday and spend Sh8000 there.

Students do not see the need of delay in release of funds by the board since the board was given money some weeks ago when the national budget was read out in parliament. The board usually blames the Treasury for failing to release the funds in time therefore making it to delay in crediting students’ accounts.

Students were also eager to see how they could use smart card that was launched by the board and KCB bank last month. However, students could not find the cards even after the board said they would advise students to get the card before July. Students went for their money in the banks as usual and many used it for drinking.

The board introduced the smart card so as to gap the misuse of the funds by students. However the introduction of the card rekindled various criticisms from students who complained that they should not be restricted on the use of money that they will pay back in future.

Smart card has been a talk of the day on social media with many students questioning the board who said the card will allow students to buy essential goods and pay university fees only.



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