Students Involved In Commercial Sex To Pay University Tuition Fees Should Be Punished



Swansea: University bosses say they will punish students who are found working in the sex industry to pay their tuition fees.

Staff believe discipline porn stars, escorts and even glamour models if they are caught.

Research conducted by the Student Sex Worker Project at Swansea University showed that staff at universities in Wales believed students should be chastised for paying their tuition with cash earned from sex work.

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The report said: “Two universities indicated they would take action against the student in case the university’s reputation would be put at stake, particularly when the student’s behaviour would be subject to some sort of ‘police or legal investigation’.”

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It was found staff are unaware or unsure about available support, and the majority want university policy or guidance available, including information about the law.

Jade Buxton, who was a porn star at university under the name Carly Rae Summers, wants lecturers to have a greater understanding of issues students face.

The Manchester Met fashion grad said: “Lecturers don’t get involved enough.

“Mine were very laid back. Unless you go to them they wouldn’t know anything about it.

“They don’t understand what was going on or the mindset you’re in when you’re doing this sort of thing.

“They gave me a number for student support and they did what they needed to do.

“My uni were very supportive. They called me to the office to check if I was ok and not being forced into it.

“A bad word was never said to me, they were very nice about it. But I don’t know what it’s like at other universities.”

Swansea’s team contacted 106 staff members that worked in roles where they had contact with students, finding many failed to understand the demands and lifestyle of the sex industry, with many thinking it’s illegal to sell sex in a private place.

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