SUEU Constitution Review Attracts Mixed Bag Of Reaction As Daggers Are Drawn



Sometime last week students union at Egerton University Njoro campus met at the Agriculture Resource Center “ARC Hotel” led by the President Amisi Edwine,the main agenda was to review the SUEU constitution ,this meeting has attracted mixed bag of reaction from the student body not only from the Njoro based campus but also from Nakuru town,Nairobi campus and all other campuses aligned to Egerton Univesity.Critics claim that the whole process was done under the table and that the speed with which things have moved is suggestive ,allegations that need the attention of either the Secretary General from the main campus or the Union President.


According  to a source,the current SUEU constitution has not a clause for referendum but then the most confusing part of this story is that  the review and the implementation took place under the watch of only the Chairmen and secretary generals from all the campuses and not all the union members, our source followed up with the dean of students who claimed that the institution had not enough funds to cater fo0r all the union members, this was followed by  a unanimous agreement from the Chairpersons and the members present not to share anything with other executive members until after Senate approval .

Under normal circumstances, constitutional review should take in opinion from the students and all the executive members of the union should be involved in the meetings, all the unions under Egerton University should take part in the review process, in this case we had only a handful of them. Claims of the university not having enough funds to cater for everyone is baseless and we all know that, the representatives were elected under the universities watch and they had the option to trim the union.


On the flip-side, this constitutional review and implementation sounds like a boring song to most of the students, fact is that most of them have not even an idea of how the constitution looks like ,they have never accessed it and are probably wondering ,the students don’t know the laws that govern them ,they have been kept away from them ,taking over office the secretary general from the main campus promised to make this document available and organize public forums to educate the students on the constitution, few months in ,he is reviewing the same constitution without the knowledge of the students, the union cannot review the constitution on behalf of the students when the said students don’t even know what and what is being reviewed for what purpose .

As long as the SUEU constitution remains a property of the SUEU executives kept inside their offices and reviewed anytime they feel like. The students who are the electorates will forever remain sidelined in all the unions’ activities.

The secretary General and the union chairperson have both come out to discard these claims and baseless, coming on record that the unions from the campuses involved could not afford to send more representative, giving example of the main campus that managed the huge number present in the review process.

“Each union was responsible for its own people, if the forum was held away from the main campus, the union from the main campus could still have managed the huge number because we have the funds” Said Mr. Makhoha

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