SURVIVORS ZONE: Men Beware of These Types of Ladies


Welcome again to the survivors zone, a zone that is free and gender biased, ready to talk or hear from anyone regardless of the gender. Having talked about why most ladies prefer to date married men, today i take you through the types of ladies men should avoid.

Have you been constantly asking your friends why you cant meet a decent lady? Do the ladies you date turn out to be annoying or weird in a way? Maybe you are just choosing the wrong type of women.

Obviously there ain’t just one type of woman that is right for every guy. There are thousands of fish in the sea and you will never find two that are exactly the same. However there are certain categories of women that should be avoided at all cost. Trust me if you fall into the following categories of ladies, heartbreaks, headaches and disappointment will follow you.

Ladies falling under this category dont care whether you have the body of a pig,face of a warthog or manners of a skunk provided you are loaded. Luckily it is obvious to tell what they are. If money brings them to you, she will in due course leave for someone more loaded than you or you will be dumped as soon as there is nothing more for her to harvest.

These are ladies that tend to find faults in almost everything. On her very first visit she inspect your clothes, bedding and shoes with suggestion that you change them. She keeps on choosing clothes you should wear and friends you should hang out with. Eventually she will step on a few toes, get her mouth on opposite side and hell will broke loose.

This the type of ladies that drink and smoke like men. To tell you the truth they are wretched ladies. It a shame bearing in mind what is happening out there as a result of alcohol. What will you do if you find your lady, naked and masturbating in public, sorry to say, as a result of alcohol. Ladies are meant to beautify men’s life, be smooth when men are course,sweet when men are brash and soft when men are hard.

At first she looks intelligent, she has all the stand out line, she may get you off the books at time by sweet talking you. She knows everything about fashion, cars, events. Actually guys this type of ladies are not manageable.

Any one of the above is bad enough but still there are other ladies who have combined some or all the above. A hybrid, if she becomes your wife trust me you will curse the day you were born. She will make your life such a hell. Luckily you have been warned that is what we are here for.

Do you think there are still more, are there some that can be manageable? and ladies what your voice on this. Feel free to give your views on comment box below. See you next Friday on Survivors Zone.




  1. what abt the hypocrite: she camouflages herself, hiding all her flaws only to reveal them at a point of ua destruction. you will know her coz she seems to be perfect, without any scar,

  2. kumbe i want a lady with all that kind of habits coz atleast all hv an idea of the devil awaiting me

  3. kumbe i want a lady with all that kind of habits coz atleast all hv an idea of the devil awaiting me…..

  4. Did I hear something wrong about Alpha females?I know that basically they are independent and wanna be the head if not equal to the man of the house.A nice piece though

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