SURVIVORS ZONE: Men, If You are Dating a Pretty Lady then be Ready for This


Hello and welcome back to the survivors zone. As usual we show our incredible love to the sons of eve. Hence we offer them some tips that are really annoying and that they should avoid.

You first glanced at her and she was pretty. So pretty for numerous eyes. You crushed on her and hesitated abit. Later you took that one big step. Swallowed your pride and made some moves on her. haha,dude how did you feel after that turn down.

So she slowly by slowly gets some feelings towards you, becomes your girl. But men, if she accepted you it doesn’t mean she is cheap. Do you know how many other men she is fighting to chase away. How many other more cute and smart dudes are after her? Count yourself lucky you got her.

Again as we said she is pretty. Be ready to see a thousand other men flattering around her. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a beautiful chiq anyway. But that doesnt mean all are after her. Some are just friends, course mates or even crushes. If she loves you am sure she has friend zoned most of them. Keep calm.

She is pretty. Be ready to see her as part of your friends profile pictures. They just want that cute face in those pictures. This will perhaps attract some likes or comment. Maybe sponsors, haha! So keep calm. Maybe you even don’t invite her for a photoshoot. She is a lady. They like photos and this selfie stuff.

She is pretty. If you meet her with this man’s sweaty shirt, relax. That evening cold weather caught with her in the way and this gentleman offered out his sweter. He is such a darling. You are still the main man.

She is beautiful. She will give out her number. That is no big deal anyway. It is just a number, right? So with this whole lot of crushes don’t be bothered if you come across some romantic messages. She is hard to get. Stop complaining. This pretty chiqs have got principles.

If you got her, she is just not cheap. She loves you. Be comfortable and avoid this annoying social media thing. We don’t have to know all your misunderstandings.



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