Tahidi High: OJ Returns With New Dark Energy

OJ and Tanya of Tahidi High Pic
OJ and Tanya

Afters years of absence from Tahidi High due to over indulgence in alcohol in his real life, Dennis Mugo, aka OJ, has returned to Tahidi High with more than just humor and trouble making.
The last time we heard from him was when their class came for KCSE results. Then he must have gone abroad for reasons only known to his uncle, Omosh, who once went looking for him with the help of the cash fund-raised by colleagues.
Let me quit the stories and kick off with the new stuff he brought back with him from the years-long-trip:

1. Fully Loaded With Cash.

Forget the OJ who back in the days used to be just an average Tahidi High student with nothing but bullying as his source of cash. The new OJ is fully loaded when it comes to cash.
Right from the car all the way to his cloths and shoes, he doesn’t have to change his accent to a Luo one so as pass across the message.

2. Poetic

Finally that trip paid off. OJ no-longer uses the plain lines on chiqs as with the days of the likes of Tanya and Shish.
He now has more than crammed lines as he has mastered the art of Word-Play, which he uses to confuse Tahidi High ladies by turning their words meant to push him away into his own weapon.

3. Weakness for Tahidi High Ladies.

Old habits die heard for sure. Despite having been overseas for years, OJ is yet to Overcome lust for ladies. In fact, his lust has grown even stronger. But Hey! it’s not his fault that Tahidi High has such fine ladies.
Omosh’s effort to keep OJ calm when he spots his first fine lady bears no fruits.

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4. Courage And Sense Of Humour

Previously, OJ was that guy with nothing but the courage to cause trouble. It’s not like he has changed, but at least, he has gained some courage to even pay Miss Morgan(Angel Waruinge) a visit after years of being a pain to her.
Back to his old courage driven by lust, OJ claims that he would rather get jailed than to let those fine ladies go to waste.
When Omosh tells him to keep off those ladies as they will cause his death, this is the response he gives: “It’s Better to die in a field of flowers than to die in a desert”. 🙂
He Hasn’t lost his sense of humor after all.

For now, it’s not clear whether OJ just featured as a guest actor or he will be around for a while.
Even then, one thing remains clear; his presence contributed to Tahidi High’s many years of airing.



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