Technology: What to Consider When buying a Laptop


When it comes to buying a laptop, you need that laptop that will suit your business. There are a thousand and one types of laptops available in the market nowadays especially now that the world is moving into digital platform in almost everything.

It is also important to note that there is no laptop that can best satisfy someone since human beings are never satisfied therefore looking for a better product day in day out. You no longer need to strain much thinking of the best qualities to look out for in a laptop. Stop asking your friends because here we listed the things you should consider before buying a laptop.

1. How much to spend

Budget is usually a huge consideration when it comes to buying anything. But you should be ready to part with a large amount of money to get quality goods. Laptops that are expensive also come with expensive software that can help you tackle your business with ease. Installing some software in a laptop may be half the price of the laptop itself. This makes you go for a laptop that is prohibitive and it has the same software you may later on require when you buy a cheaper laptop. The shortcoming is that you may be compromised on one area or another. Whether it’s screen quality, performance, weight, battery life or looks, you can’t have everything.

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2. Screens, touchscreens and hybrids

Talking of screens, sizes range from around 11 inches up to 17 inches. The choice of screen depends on one’s preference since there are some laptops that have small screens and  can perform even better that those having bigger screens. Choice of screen also depends on where you will be working from. If you will be walking around with your laptop, then you better have a small screen laptop. Do not overlook the screen’s resolution, though. Most laptops have a screen with 1366×768 pixels, with only a few offering Full HD 1920×1080, or higher resolutions. More pixels is almost always better, but on smaller screens, more pixels means everything looks smaller, including Windows text and icons.

3. Storage

Of course storage is one other thing you must check when you want to buy a laptop. Different laptops have different storage capacities and it is important for you to check a laptop with the amount of storage that can suit your business. It is easy to confuse memory with the hard drive. Documents, programs and other files are stored on the hard drive (or SSD), so look for at least 500GB if you want to carry around your photos, music and video libraries. Single drives will stretch to 2TB (2000GB) these days, but you can buy portable USB drives cheaply to add storage, or back up files from your laptop’s hard drive.

4. Processor

Processor is another feature you should check before buying a laptop. Of course the main reason of buying a laptop is to assist you in accessing internet faster and downloading what you want from the internet. Unless you are planning to run very demanding software, you will not need the latest and greatest processor. It is wise, however, to shop around and get good value. We recommend an Intel Core i5 as the best compromise between cost and performance. Some may find a Core i3 too slow, but a Core i7 is usually overkill.

5. Operating System

The choice of operating system is also very important. Windows 8 is now the default OS on new laptops (you can use it just like Windows 7, so do not let the new interface put you off. If money is no object, you may also have the choice of Mac OS on an Apple MacBook. 6. Warranty Of course you need to check the time warranty before buying a laptop. It is important to read through the full review before spending your hard-earned cash, too, because no laptop is perfect in every aspect. Whether any flaws are acceptable or not will depend on your priorities.



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