Ten Best Paying Jobs in Kenya And their Salaries


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Getting a well-paying job is no easy task and debates have always ensued on the jobs that pay well and the ones people should avoid or take as side-kicks. Even in the lurking face of high unemployment, those lucky enough to secure jobs look for better salaries and working conditions. Below is a list of the 10 highest paying careers in the country as compiled by Careerpoint Solutions, a local recruitment consultancy:

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1. Medicine.

Previously a preserve of bright students, an average person with the will, resources and determination can now pursue a career in medicine. The pay in most cases is decent for medical doctors and finding employment after graduation is comparatively easier. On the downside though, you will have to content with long working hours and odd emergency calls. Moreover, the entry salary for a medical intern may be as low as Ksh 45,000 but with progression in the career, possibilities of hitting more than ten times that amount are sky high.



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